Published: April 2011
As the federal government warns salons to drop popular formaldehyde hair straightening treatments, an EWG investigation reveals widespread use of the cancer-causing compound in well-known brands and in salons across the country. Read More
New hazard alert from federal government warns salons to stop using formaldehyde hair straighteners. Until they do, salon workers remain at risk. Read More
EWG’s survey finds that top salons across the country continue to offer formaldehyde-based hair straighteners despite government warnings and reports of health problems. Read More
Dozens of salon workers and clients have filed reports of injuries and adverse reactions with the FDA, according to documents obtained by EWG. Read More
Which hair straighteners come clean about their formaldehyde content?  None, in EWG’s review. Read More
Who dropped the ball? As federal agencies play hot potato, consumers and salon workers get burned. Read More
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EWG researchers compiled everything you need to know on more than 100 brands of hair straighteners sold in the U.S. Read More