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Moderate Concern
Skin Allergies &
No Data, Some Concern
Developmental &
Reproductive Toxicity
Some Concern
No Data, Some Concern
No Data, Some Concern
Top scoring factors: Evidence of respiratory effects; developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects
MYRISTALKONIUM SACCHARINATE can be found in 38 products.


Health issue
Level of Concern
A structurally similar compound is know to be an asthmagen (sensitizing).
2020. Environmental Working Group. 2020. Quaternary ammonium compounds structural similarities.
A peer-reviewed publication reports some quaternary ammonium compounds cause reproductive toxicity in animals.
Vanessa E. Melin, Travis E. Melin, Brian J. Dessify, Christina T. Nguyen, Caroline S. Shea & Terry C. Hrubec. 2015. Quaternary Ammonium Disinfectants Cause Subfertility in Mice by Targeting both Male and Female Reproductive Processes. Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.).
A peer-reviewed publication reports some quaternary ammonium compounds cause reproductive toxicity in animals.
Vanessa E. Melin, Haritha Potineni, Patricia Hunt, Jodi Griswold, Bill Siems, Stephen R. Werre & Terry C. Hrubec. 2014. Exposure to common quaternary ammonium disinfectants decreases fertility in mice. Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.) 50, 163-70.
Quaternary ammonium compounds detected in human blood was associated with increased inflammation, decreased mitochondrial function and disruption of cholesterol.
Terry C. Hrubec, Ryan P. Seguin, Libin Xu, Gino A. Cortopassi, Sandipan Datta, Alexandra L. Hanlon, Alicia J. Lozano, Valerie A. McDonald, Claire A. Healy, Tyler C. Anderson, Najaha A. Musse & Richard T. Williams. 2021. Altered toxicological endpoints in humans from common quaternary ammonium compound disinfectant exposure. Toxicology reports 8, 646-656.
This substance impacted cholesterol biosynthesis.
Josi Herron, Rosalyn C. Reese, Keri A. Tallman, Rohini Narayanaswamy, Ned A. Porter & Libin Xu. 2016. Identification of Environmental Quaternary Ammonium Compounds as Direct Inhibitors of Cholesterol Biosynthesis. Toxicological sciences : an official journal of the Society of Toxicology 151(2), 261-70.
Quaternary ammonium compounds altered neurodevelopment in cells.
Josi M. Herron, Hideaki Tomita, Collin C. White, Terrance J. Kavanagh & Libin Xu. 2021. Benzalkonium Chloride Disinfectants Induce Apoptosis, Inhibit Proliferation, and Activate the Integrated Stress Response in a 3-D in Vitro Model of Neurodevelopment. Chemical research in toxicology 34(5), 1265-1274.
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