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Take sunscreens with bogus claims off your shelves

In 2011, the federal Food and Drug Administration issued new sunscreen regulations that banned the terms "sunblock," "sweatproof" and "waterproof" on sunscreen labels. Since the 1990s, the FDA has considered these terms misleading. But just last week, EWG researchers found sunscreens using these over-hyped claims still on store shelves.

Tell the nation's largest retailers to take sunscreens with bogus claims of their shelves.

USDA, don't cave to the pesticide lobby!

EWG counts on the USDA to publish complete, unbiased pesticide data to create EWG's Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce. For the last two years, the pesticide lobby, especially a front group called the Alliance for Food and Farming, has waged a multi-front campaign to get the USDA to repackage its pesticide data with industry talking points that downplay risks and consumers' concerns.

Sign our petition to the USDA today! You want to know what you are eating

Tell the FDA to label genetically engineered foods!

Genetically engineered foods are appearing on supermarket shelves with increasing frequency. While the scientific debate about the benefits and risks of genetically engineered crops will continue for a long time, you have a right to know what you are eating.

Watch the video and sign our petition to the FDA today!

Kids need healthy food

Big food companies and their highly paid advertising agencies are aggressively lobbying the government to kill the federal Interagency Working Group's new children's food marketing guidelines, which aim to promote sales of more healthful foods.

EWG is asking big food manufacturers to stop attacks on sensible new marketing guidelines. Join us in demanding that food companies market healthier food to children, not to lobby to keep peddling junk food to kids.

Click here to sign our petition to 14 food manufacturers today!

Protect our drinking water

The oil and gas industry claimed for years there's no evidence that hydraulic fracturing -- fracking -- has contaminated drinking water wells.

Our study shows that the Environmental Protection Agency concluded 25 years ago that fracking can -- and did -- contaminate drinking water. We are tired of industry's propaganda. It's time for the EPA to follow up on its findings with more rigorous scientific research.

Click here to sign our petition to the EPA!

Take the pledge to eat less and greener meat

If everyone in the U.S. skipped eating meat and cheese one day a week, it would have the same impact on our environment as taking 7.6 million cars off the roads. At the same time people would be less likely to develop health problems like obesity and heart disease.

One small step can make a big difference for your health and the environment. EWG is trying to get 100,000 supporters to take this small step with us.

Click here to sign our pledge to skip meat one day a week.