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Weirton Area Water Board

1,2-Dichloroethylene, a neurotoxic solvent, exists in two different forms: trans-1,2-dichloroethylene and cis-1,2-dichloroethylene. A mixture of the two forms is used to manufacture other solvents and chemical products.





Samples exceeding legal limit (MCL)


Samples exceeding
health guidelines

Testing results - average by year

YearAverage resultSamples takenDetectionsRange of results
20124.63 ppb114.63 ppb
20137.33 ppb444.92 ppb - 10.00 ppb
20147.39 ppb444.57 ppb - 9.90 ppb
20155.45 ppb333.75 ppb - 8.59 ppb
20165.45 ppb115.45 ppb

ppb = parts per billion

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EPA Maximum Contaminant
Level (MCL) 70 ppb

The legal limit for cis-1,2-dichloroethylene, established in 1991, was based on a toxicity study in laboratory animals conducted in the 1980s.

ppb = parts per billion

All test results

Date Lab ID Result
2012-04-16VOC_1204E71-05A4.63 ppb
2013-03-08VOC_1303915-04A10.00 ppb
2013-05-13VOC_1305I83-03A7.17 ppb
2013-08-22VOC_1308P42-01A7.22 ppb
2013-10-15VOC_1310J31-01A4.92 ppb
2014-01-29VOC_1402177-08A7.52 ppb
2014-04-16VOC_1404K60-02A7.58 ppb
2014-07-17VOC_1407N00-09A4.57 ppb
2014-10-21VOC_1410R55-06A9.90 ppb
2015-01-29VOC_1501U33-01A8.59 ppb
2015-03-26VOC_1503Y19-01A3.75 ppb
2015-03-31VOC_1504247-01A4.00 ppb
2016-02-241602W01-01A5.45 ppb