EWG's Tap Water Database — 2019 UPDATE



East Bay Municipal Utility District

Vanadium is a metal used in steels and other alloys. People are commonly exposed to vanadium in water and food. Excessive exposure can be toxic during pregnancy and childhood.





Samples exceeding legal limit (MCL)


Samples exceeding
health guidelines

Testing results - average by year

YearAverage resultSamples takenDetectionsRange of results
20130.780 ppb880.390 ppb - 1.90 ppb
20140.589 ppb28280.220 ppb - 2.40 ppb
20151.35 ppb221.30 ppb - 1.40 ppb

ppb = parts per billion

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EWG Health Guideline 21 ppb

The EWG Health Guideline of 21 ppb for vanadium was defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as a benchmark for testing under the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule program. This health guideline protects against change in blood chemistry.

ppb = parts per billion

All test results

Date Lab ID Result
2013-10-09B3J1229-041.90 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1237-050.420 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1237-070.400 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1237-010.430 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1237-031.90 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1229-100.390 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1229-070.410 ppb
2013-10-09B3J1229-010.390 ppb
2014-01-08B4A0937-050.280 ppb
2014-01-08B4A0937-080.290 ppb
2014-01-08B4A0937-030.280 ppb
2014-01-08B4A0937-010.280 ppb
2014-02-25B4B2486-040.330 ppb
2014-02-25B4B2486-010.310 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-071.10 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-010.320 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-100.300 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-170.340 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-150.330 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-130.300 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-190.310 ppb
2014-04-09B4D1270-040.270 ppb
2014-04-29B4E0018-040.370 ppb
2014-04-29B4E0018-010.880 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1292-010.360 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1290-010.280 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1293-011.10 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1278-011.10 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1269-010.380 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1291-010.220 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1285-010.250 ppb
2014-07-09B4G1282-010.350 ppb
2014-07-16B4G1982-040.760 ppb
2014-07-16B4G1982-011.50 ppb
2014-10-09B4J1130-012.40 ppb
2014-10-09B4J1130-041.50 ppb
2015-01-07B5A0784-011.30 ppb
2015-01-07B5A0784-041.40 ppb