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Status: National drinking water standard exists


Nitrite, closely related to the fertilizer chemical nitrate, comes from urban runoff and from fertilizer applied to agricultural lands to pollute drinking water. Nitrite is significantly more toxic than nitrate. Excessive nitrite in water can cause oxygen deprivation in infants and increase the risk of cancer.




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Health concerns for nitrite


Harm to child development

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EPA Maximum Contaminant
Level (MCL) 1 ppm

The legal limit for nitrite, established in 1991, was based on the rate of conversion of ingested nitrate into nitrite in adults. This limit may not fully protect against the risk of cancer due to nitrite exposure.

ppm = parts per million

States reporting nitrite in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served
New Jersey201,401,896
New York461,101,067
North Carolina11122,637
North Dakota311,929
Rhode Island310,424
South Dakota218,175
South Carolina13,597
New Hampshire4918

Filtering technologies that reduce nitrite

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Reverse Osmosis

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Ion Exchange

Utilities with the highest amounts of nitrite, 2015-2017

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
CiscoCisco, IL10 of 100.936 ppm300
AtlantaAtlanta, IL26 of 270.921 ppm1,649
Grandview Muni Water DepartmentGrandview, IA2 of 20.895 ppm564
Needles, City Of*Needles, CA2 of 40.650 ppm3,631
LexingtonLexington, IL14 of 150.647 ppm1,930
Garden CityGarden City, SD4 of 40.605 ppm53
Bismarck Community Water DistrictBismarck, IL7 of 90.565 ppm900
Rancho Chaparral Mutual Water CompanyBig Sur, CA2 of 20.550 ppm48
Marquez RentalFirebaugh, CA1 of 20.550 ppm50
Pleasant City, Village ofPleasant City, OH11 of 120.531 ppm900
Campo Hills-county Public Works WastewaterSan Diego, CA2 of 20.530 ppm458
HammondHammond, IL33 of 390.519 ppm518
Whispering Oaks Water Co-opQuinlan, TX1 of 10.481 ppm105
Coyne Center Co-opMilan, IL12 of 120.460 ppm150
MaroaMaroa, IL9 of 90.459 ppm1,700
St. AugustineSt Augustine, IL11 of 130.434 ppm150
Mcgraw VillageMcgraw, NY1 of 60.433 ppm1,306
City of GoodlowKerens, TX1 of 10.430 ppm240
Bremen Water DepartmentBremen, IN2 of 20.430 ppm4,516
Croppers 1st 4th and 5th AdditionMilan, IL3 of 30.429 ppm495
The Arc of Hope MillsHope Mills, NC1 of 10.425 ppm28
Jost Post WaCarmel Valley, CA1 of 10.400 ppm60
Vega Rd. Ws #01Royal Oaks, CA1 of 10.400 ppm438
Creekbridge Mutual Water CompanyHollister, CA1 of 10.400 ppm65
Pedrazzi Mutual Water CompanySalinas, CA1 of 10.400 ppm273
Coastlands Mws (post Creek)Big Sur, CA2 of 20.400 ppm129
Vista Del Toro WsSalinas, CA1 of 10.400 ppm87
Outlook WaSalinas, CA2 of 30.400 ppm45
Tierra Vista Mutual Water CompanySalinas, CA1 of 10.400 ppm57
Mission Springs Conference CenterScotts Valley, CA1 of 10.400 ppm400
Aromas Hills Mutual Water AssociationAromas, CA1 of 10.400 ppm44
Mount Toro Ranchos MwaSalinas, CA1 of 10.400 ppm45
Bone GapBone Gap, IL6 of 140.395 ppm287
Cottonwood Creek Mobile Home ParkGlenn Heights, TX11 of 130.384 ppm228
ChrismanChrisman, IL2 of 30.383 ppm1,200
Del Oro Water Company - Arbuckle DistrictChico, CA1 of 10.370 ppm136
BroctonBrocton, IL7 of 70.370 ppm350
Harris County Municipal Utility District 421*Houston, TX1 of 10.370 ppm177
Shady Grove Water Supply CorporationGreenville, TX7 of 80.369 ppm1,458
Godley Public Water DistrictGodley, IL8 of 80.364 ppm660
Centerline Water Supply CorporationSnook, TX1 of 10.360 ppm105
Greenwood ColonyDelmont, SD1 of 40.360 ppm80
WoodlandWoodland, IL39 of 390.352 ppm319
Pajaro Community Services DistrictRoyal Oaks, CA2 of 20.350 ppm6,500
Chisholm SpringsAustin, TX1 of 10.344 ppm741
North Hunt Special Utility DistrictCommerce, TX25 of 280.333 ppm4,206
Cherry Dale SubdivisionMilan, IL1 of 10.330 ppm80
Kern Valley State PrisonDelano, CA12 of 470.330 ppm5,300
ChatsworthChatsworth, IL5 of 60.329 ppm1,256
Holly Grove WaterworksHolly Grove, AR9 of 120.325 ppm1,010

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Nitrite, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
City of GreenfieldGreenfield, CA30 of 360.294 ppm17,898
City of Deer Park*Deer Park, TX5 of 50.262 ppm32,964
City of SoledadSoledad, CA6 of 60.250 ppm16,729
Davie Town of #3 & #5*Davie/hollywood, FL4 of 60.211 ppm23,103
City of FreeportFreeport, TX1 of 20.150 ppm12,700
Bridgestone MUDHouston, TX1 of 30.147 ppm18,922
City of WataugaWatauga, TX3 of 50.140 ppm24,345
City of Seabrook*Seabrook, TX13 of 130.130 ppm12,792
City of Coconut CreekCoconut Creek, FL1 of 70.126 ppm54,000
Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (BCWWS) - 2A*Pompano Beach, FL1 of 70.126 ppm54,622
City of DesotoDesoto, TX8 of 90.119 ppm51,700
City of Thornton*Thornton, CO2 of 60.118 ppm136,977
Okeechobee Utility AuthorityOkeechobee, FL18 of 310.113 ppm20,000
City of BedfordBedford, TX1 of 20.110 ppm46,979
Bethesda WSC*Burleson, TX6 of 230.107 ppm31,557
Ridgewood WaterRidgewood, NJ19 of 1360.105 ppm61,700
Lakeside WD*Lakeside, CA2 of 90.101 ppm42,200
City of Pasadena*Pasadena, TX13 of 170.1000 ppm110,058
Norwich Public Utilities*Norwich, CT1 of 90.0956 ppm36,067
Delray Beach Water Department*Delray Beach, FL5 of 60.0947 ppm60,200
Harris County MUD 200 Cranbrook*Houston, TX3 of 30.0867 ppm14,697
Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority*Jefferson, PA100 of 1960.0836 ppm40,000
City of KellerKeller, TX5 of 120.0778 ppm44,620
WA of Great Neck NorthGreat Neck, NY1 of 320.0731 ppm31,400
City of La PorteLa Porte, TX1 of 70.0700 ppm34,733
Del Oro Water Company - Paradise PinesChico, CA3 of 40.0700 ppm11,405
Monroe Township Utility DepartmentMonroe Township, NJ1 of 130.0692 ppm33,402
Tequesta WTPTequesta, FL3 of 30.0687 ppm15,500
WoodburyWoodbury, MN1 of 20.0650 ppm64,350
University ParkDallas, TX1 of 10.0650 ppm24,396
City of HendersonHenderson, TX2 of 60.0642 ppm13,712
Galveston County WCID 1Dickinson, TX6 of 160.0613 ppm29,280
Pinery WwdParker, CO1 of 20.0600 ppm10,800
Washington Township MUATurnersville, NJ1 of 10.0600 ppm48,000
Peabody Water Department (MWRA)Peabody, MA207 of 3480.0597 ppm51,836
City of Granbury*Granbury, TX6 of 190.0539 ppm11,193
City of North LauderdaleNorth Lauderdale, FL2 of 50.0534 ppm32,632
Meadville Area Water Authority*Meadville, PA1 of 30.0533 ppm17,339
Town of Flower Mound*Flower Mound, TX1 of 30.0527 ppm64,669
FKAA J. Robert Dean Water Treatment PlantFlorida City, FL1 of 40.0500 ppm73,090
IL American - Pekin*Creve Coeur, IL1 of 80.0500 ppm35,000
City of Edgewater*Edgewater, FL4 of 40.0480 ppm23,575
City of Stuart - Water PlantStuart, FL3 of 30.0473 ppm19,000
Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1-a Castle HillsLewisville, TX7 of 130.0466 ppm15,741
New Port Richey Water Department*New Port Richey, FL4 of 50.0444 ppm29,000
City of TigardTigard, OR4 of 70.0436 ppm60,236
City of Dania BeachDania Beach, FL2 of 40.0405 ppm16,898
Wilkinsburg-penn Joint Water Authority*Wilkinsburg, PA1 of 30.0400 ppm120,000
North Springs Improvement DistrictCoral Springs, FL1 of 30.0400 ppm37,371
Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (BCWWS) 3B/CMiramar, FL2 of 40.0398 ppm32,649

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Nitrite, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.