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Status: National drinking water standard exists


Nitrite, closely related to the fertilizer chemical nitrate, comes from urban runoff and from fertilizer applied to agricultural lands to pollute drinking water. Nitrite is significantly more toxic than nitrate. Excessive nitrite in water can cause oxygen deprivation in infants and increase the risk of cancer.




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Health concerns for nitrite


Harm to child development

State and national drinking water standards and health guidelines

EPA Maximum Contaminant
Level (MCL) 1 ppm

The legal limit for nitrite, established in 1991, was based on the rate of conversion of ingested nitrate into nitrite in adults. This limit may not fully protect against the risk of cancer due to nitrite exposure.

ppm = parts per million

States reporting nitrite in drinking water

State UtilitiesPeople Served
New Jersey141,019,781
New York53330,822
West Virginia95292,243
New Mexico133,006
New Hampshire414,443
South Dakota1812,359
Rhode Island411,132
North Carolina109,412
North Dakota56,209

Filtering technologies that reduce nitrite

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Reverse Osmosis

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Ion Exchange

Utilities with the highest amounts of nitrite, 2017-2019

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Amalga Town Water System*Amalga, UT2 of 24.09 ppm495
Sunset Park Water CompanyTremonton, UT1 of 12.90 ppm44
Paradise Town Water SystemParadise, UT2 of 22.25 ppm920
Mayfield Town Water System*Mayfield, UT1 of 12.20 ppm511
Iskcon - New VrindabanMoundsville, WV1 of 11.60 ppm184
Churdan Water SupplyChurdan, IA11 of 111.59 ppm386
Goldston`s Mobile Home ParkRamseur, NC1 of 21.35 ppm43
ChrismanChrisman, IL19 of 261.25 ppm1,200
CiscoCisco, IL23 of 240.832 ppm300
AtlantaAtlanta, IL42 of 500.806 ppm1,692
Meadow Bridge Town OfMeadow Bridge, WV1 of 10.790 ppm551
Palm Lake Estates NorthRiviera Beach, FL1 of 10.775 ppm480
Danese PsdDanese, WV1 of 20.750 ppm2,210
Bradshaw Water WorksBradshaw, WV1 of 10.750 ppm233
Southfork AssociationWalford, IA1 of 10.740 ppm28
North Stewart Utility DistrictDover, TN1 of 10.740 ppm5,550
Belmont, City OfBelmont, WV5 of 50.734 ppm1,048
Bismarck Community Water DistrictBismarck, IL16 of 180.719 ppm900
Palm Lake Estates SouthRiviera Bch, FL1 of 10.682 ppm700
Spin Lake Homeowners Association Inc.Danvers, IL9 of 100.635 ppm200
Beech Bottom Water DepartmentBeech Bottom, WV3 of 40.615 ppm610
Garden CityGarden City, SD4 of 40.605 ppm53
Greenwood ColonyDelmont, SD2 of 50.592 ppm80
Marquez RentalFirebaugh, CA1 of 20.550 ppm50
Pell City Water WorksPell City, AL3 of 40.535 ppm15,402
Pine Manor Mobile Home ParkSpencer, NY1 of 60.513 ppm180
Grant ColonyEnderlin, ND1 of 10.513 ppm25
Benwood Water DepartmentBenwood, WV1 of 10.500 ppm1,510
Marshall County Psd 2*Moundsville, WV1 of 10.490 ppm1,601
Mcdowell County Psd BartleyWelch, WV1 of 10.480 ppm1,632
Sky Line Village Mobile Home ParkMartinsburg, WV5 of 60.470 ppm120
Hundred Littleton PsdHundred, WV1 of 10.470 ppm638
Hillview Mobile Home ParkSpencer, NY1 of 60.468 ppm105
Kern Valley State PrisonDelano, CA37 of 1080.449 ppm5,300
Pleasant City, Village ofPleasant City, OH18 of 230.448 ppm900
Parkview AcresZephyrhills, FL1 of 70.443 ppm190
MaroaMaroa, IL18 of 180.430 ppm1,700
Cottonwood Creek Mobile Home ParkGlenn Heights, TX20 of 250.428 ppm228
BroctonBrocton, IL16 of 160.424 ppm350
Four States PsdWorthington, WV1 of 10.420 ppm363
Coons Run PsdWest Milford, WV1 of 10.420 ppm927
Monongah Town Of*Monongah, WV1 of 10.420 ppm3,171
Farmington Town Of*Farmington, WV1 of 10.420 ppm713
Culver Water DepartmentCulver, IN1 of 10.412 ppm1,391
Paden City, City OfPaden City, WV1 of 10.410 ppm2,985
LexingtonLexington, IL14 of 240.405 ppm1,930
Coyne Center Co-opMilan, IL24 of 240.401 ppm150
War Water Works City RealtyWar, WV1 of 10.400 ppm942
Charles Town Utl-glen Haven UtilitiesKearneysville, WV1 of 10.400 ppm195
Creekbridge Mutual Water CompanyHollister, CA2 of 20.400 ppm65

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Nitrite, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.

UtilityLocationTestsAverage levelPeople served
Pell City Water WorksPell City, AL3 of 40.535 ppm15,402
Charles Town UtilitiesKearneysville, WV1 of 10.340 ppm14,488
City of Vienna*Vienna, WV2 of 30.293 ppm12,507
South Putnam PSD*Scott Depot, WV1 of 10.290 ppm21,719
Davie Town of #3 & #5*Davie/hollywood, FL16 of 200.240 ppm26,000
City of Deer ParkDeer Park, TX6 of 60.222 ppm32,964
El Monte Water DepartmentEl Monte, CA4 of 220.213 ppm22,968
City of GreenfieldGreenfield, CA32 of 600.183 ppm17,898
Lansing Board of Water & Light*Lansing, MI1 of 10.180 ppm166,000
Delta Charter TownshipOtisville, MI1 of 10.180 ppm22,000
US Army Aviation and Missile CommandRedstone Arsenal, AL4 of 100.151 ppm38,700
Bridgestone MUDHouston, TX1 of 30.147 ppm18,922
Carlsbad Municipal Water SystemCarlsbad, NM2 of 70.141 ppm33,006
Leavenworth Water Department*Leavenworth, KS1 of 10.140 ppm36,062
Fort Leavenworth American Water Ent IncFort Leavenworth, KS1 of 10.140 ppm12,934
Beckley Water Company*Beckley, WV1 of 20.125 ppm49,058
City of SoledadSoledad, CA6 of 120.125 ppm16,729
Broward County Water and Wastewater Services (BCWWS) - 2A*Pompano Beach, FL2 of 100.121 ppm54,622
City of Coconut CreekCoconut Creek, FL2 of 100.121 ppm54,000
Englewood Water District*Englewood, FL5 of 80.110 ppm38,005
Indianola Water Supply*Indianola, IA2 of 40.110 ppm14,782
City of WataugaWatauga, TX3 of 70.100 ppm24,543
Bethesda WSCBurleson, TX12 of 370.0976 ppm31,452
City of Morgan HillMorgan Hill, CA6 of 230.0957 ppm41,779
Fernley Public WorksFernely, NV1 of 40.0950 ppm19,790
Rockett SUD*Red Oak, TX1 of 30.0937 ppm37,038
Galveston County WCID 1Dickinson, TX13 of 340.0856 ppm29,280
City of Seabrook*Seabrook, TX20 of 270.0848 ppm12,792
City of CarrolltonCarrollton, TX1 of 30.0820 ppm127,980
Okeechobee Utility AuthorityOkeechobee, FL26 of 560.0819 ppm20,000
Lakeside WD*Lakeside, CA2 of 120.0756 ppm42,200
Delray Beach Water Department*Delray Beach, FL7 of 90.0748 ppm60,200
Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority*Jefferson, PA35 of 790.0734 ppm40,000
City of Pasadena*Pasadena, TX27 of 320.0733 ppm153,000
City of La PorteLa Porte, TX1 of 70.0700 ppm34,733
City of Lewisville*Lewisville, TX1 of 30.0700 ppm104,780
City of DesotoDesoto, TX14 of 190.0697 ppm51,700
Clearwater Water SystemClearwater, FL20 of 490.0680 ppm110,000
WA of Great Neck NorthGreat Neck, NY2 of 720.0669 ppm31,400
WoodburyWoodbury, MN1 of 20.0650 ppm72,000
Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 1-a Castle HillsLewisville, TX15 of 260.0643 ppm15,741
City of Henderson*Henderson, TX2 of 60.0642 ppm13,712
Del Oro Water Company - Paradise PinesChico, CA7 of 110.0636 ppm11,405
Carroll Municipal Water SupplyCarroll, IA2 of 60.0633 ppm10,103
Peabody Water Department (MWRA)Peabody, MA370 of 5950.0632 ppm52,474
Troy City PWS*Troy, OH1 of 70.0629 ppm27,000
City of KellerKeller, TX5 of 150.0623 ppm44,620
City of PocatelloPocatello, ID7 of 170.0612 ppm56,266
Birmingham Water Works Board*Birmingham, AL3 of 200.0600 ppm585,000
Washington Township MUATurnersville, NJ1 of 10.0600 ppm48,000

* This water utility supplies finished drinking water to at least one other water utility. The purchasing utility is not required to test for or report Nitrite, but it likely has the contaminant in its water supply.