Just Add Water

A two year profile of drinking water quality in the US

May 1, 1996

Just Add Water: Table B

Table B.

Drinking water systems with multiple health standard violations in 1994-1995, including systems classified by the EPA as "significant non compliers".

The 17 drinking water systems in bold were listed on the Water to Watch list in 1993-1994.

Water System State Population
Reason(s) for being on the Water to Watch list in 1995 Most Recent
Department Of Water, Jersey City NJ 228,537 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Oct-95
Modesto, City Of CA 180,320 Chronic Coliform, Excess Nitrate Jul-95
Fort Bragg NC 65,000 Trihalomethanes Jan-95
Ridgewood Water Dept NJ 60,100 Trichloroethylene, Tetrachloroethylene Jan-95
Camden City Water Dept NJ 54,100 Lead, 1,2-Dichloroethane, Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene Jan-95
Malden Water Dept. (MWRA) MA 53,884 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform Oct-95
Mansfield, City Of OH 51,000 Trihalomethanes Jul-95
Bristol County Water Authority RI 50,000 Lead, Inadequate Filtration Jun-95
Perth Amboy NJ 42,000 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Lead Jun-95
Moore OK 40,300 Chronic Coliform Nov-95
Hillsboro,Forest Grove,Beaver OR 38,722 Lead, Inadequate Filtration Jul-95
Shenango Valley Water Company PA 37,260 Fluoride, Cadmium Jan-95
Royal Lakes Water Treatment Plant FL 32,188 Chronic Coliform Jan-95
O Fallon IL 30,500 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Lead Nov-95
Miami International Airport FL 26,800 Chronic Coliform, Lead Aug-95
Lancaster County Water SC 25,704 Lead, Trihalomethanes Jun-95
Chelsea Water Dept. (MWRA) MA 25,015 Chronic Coliform, Lead Oct-95
Norco, City Of CA 24,704 Nitrate, Chronic Coliform Aug-95
Myrtle Beach City Of SC 23,448 Lead, Inadequate Filtration Jul-95
Alexander City Water Department AL 22,254 Trihalomethanes Apr-95
Altus OK 21,910 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Sep-95
City Of Dodge City KS 21,294 Excess Nitrate Jan-95
Collingswood Water Department NJ 21,000 Benzene, Tetrachloroethylene, Trichloroethylene Jan-95
Bellwood IL 20,241 Lead, Combined Radium (-226 & -228) Mar-95
Bartlett IL 19,373 Chronic Coliform, Lead Jul-95
Monroe Township MUA NJ 19,165 Chronic Coliform Nov-95
East Wenatchee Water District WA 19,150 Chronic Coliform Sep-95
Bridgeton Water Dept NJ 18,750 Trichloroethylene, Benzene, Tetrachloroethylene Jan-95
Defiance, City Of OH 17,000 Trihalomethanes Jul-95
Belvidere IL 17,000 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform Aug-95
Okmulgee OK 17,000 Inadequate Filtration, Trihalomethanes Jun-95
Sand Springs OK 17,000 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Trihalomethanes Nov-95
Lake Zurich IL 15,940 Barium, Combined Radium (-226 & -228) Jul-95
Madison Water Dept NJ 15,850 Chronic Coliform, Tetrachloroethylene Aug-95
Elizabeth City Water System NC 14,500 Trihalomethanes Jan-95
Miami Springs, City Of FL 14,000 Chronic Coliform, Lead Mar-95
Canton IL 13,600 Inadequate Filtration, Trihalomethanes May-95
Firgrove Mutual Inc WA 13,400 Chronic Coliform Jul-95
Tangipahoa Wwks Dist #2 LA 13,120 Chronic Coliform Aug-95
Kewanee IL 12,969 Chronic Coliform, Gross Alpha (Excl. Radon & U) Jul-95
Williamsburg Water Plant KY 12,761 Trihalomethanes Jan-95
Ironton, City Of OH 12,643 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Nov-95
Sterling, City Of CO 12,500 Nitrate Jan-95
Bella Vista POA AR 11,904 Chronic Coliform, Unhealthy Level of Trihalomethanes Oct-95
La Grande, City Of OR 11,720 Chronic Coliform May-95
Haledon Water Dept NJ 11,400 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Lead, Inadequate Filtration Nov-95
Urbana Water Department OH 11,353 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Nitrate Nov-95
Van Wert, City Of OH 11,000 Inadequate Filtration,Trihalomethanes May-95
Celina, City Of OH 10,800 Trihalomethanes Jul-95
New Shoreham, Town Of RI 10,000 Lead, Trihalomethanes Apr-95
Beale Air Force Base CA 10,000 Chronic Coliform, Lead Jul-95

The 17 drinking water systems in bold were listed on the Water to Watch list in 1993-1994.

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from EPA Safe Drinking Water Information System 1994-1996.