Just Add Water

A two year profile of drinking water quality in the US

May 1, 1996

Just Add Water: Table A

Table A.

In 1994-1995, over 45 million Americans were supplied with tap water that failed to meet basic health standards*.
Health Standard Number of
Systems Reporting
a Violation
Chronic Coliform Bacteria 12,246 24,719,235
Lead 3,641 5,039,219
Fecal Bacteria 2,726 11,915,103
Inadaquate Filtration or Disinfection 1,478 20,564,028
Nitrate 588 471,736
Industrial Chemicals and Pesticides 325 935,203
Radioactivity 88 279,543
Trihalomethanes 42 632,644
Any Violation or Exceedance 18,542 45,692,403

* Tabulated violations may be incomplete due to the government shutdown on 1994-1995 and the late filing of violations or exceedances of health standards.

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from EPA Safe Drinking Water Information System 1994-1996.