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Introducing EWG VERIFIED® Sunscreens

The definitive standard in sunscreen safety

As a pioneer in advocating for consumer safety, EWG has been at the forefront of evaluating sunscreen products for more than 17 years. Now we are raising the bar by introducing EWG VERIFIED® sunscreens. They’re free from chemicals of concern and made with the highest expectations of transparency.

The VERIFIED mark is the new gold standard for sunscreen safety, making it easy for you to find the safest, healthiest products to protect your skin from sun damage.

Shining a light on problem products

In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration failed to establish modern safety standards for sunscreens to ensure toxic chemicals aren’t being used in products. That’s when we took matters into our own hands. 

There are so many sunscreens on the market, leading consumers to easily get overwhelmed looking for a product that’s both effective against the sun and healthy to use. EWG’s first Guide to Sunscreens set a new standard to help people make the best buying decisions for themselves and their families. 

Fast forward to 2021, when EWG scientists found that most sunscreens sold in the U.S. offered inadequate protection from ultraviolet A radiation, despite what the listed SPF suggests, giving sunscreen users a false sense of safety. 

What are EWG VERIFIED sunscreens? 

EWG is stepping up to address rising concerns over the effectiveness of sunscreens in the U.S. market. We’re better protecting consumers by adding a new feature to the popular sunscreens guide: VERIFIED sunscreens.

This builds on the success of other EWG VERIFIED categories – including cosmetics, cleaning products and baby care – of products that are safe and healthy for you and your family.

EWG VERIFIED for sunscreens is a game-changer. Developed on our strong foundation in science and years of research, the mark empowers consumers to identify products that meet EWG’s rigorous standards for efficacy, ingredient safety and transparency.

By choosing products with the EWG VERIFIED mark, consumers can be confident their sunscreen has been thoroughly evaluated by EWG and is backed by our decades of expertise in assessing consumer products for health and safety.

Ingredient health and product efficacy 

In addition to meeting stringent criteria for ingredient safety and transparency, EWG VERIFIED sunscreens address important gaps in how well recreational SPF products work.

The program focuses on protection from UVA radiation. EWG VERIFIED requires sunscreens to meet standards for UVA protection that go beyond those mandated in the U.S. and in Europe. 

The European Commission recommends that the ratio of measured UVA protection to SPF should be at least one-third. EWG VERIFIED’s performance standards require all sunscreens to be tested and proven to have measured UVA protection that meets this recommendation, ensuring that consumers are protected from the sun’s most damaging rays.

Unlike other sunscreens on the market, EWG VERIFIED products must fully disclose all ingredients on their labels and avoid ingredients on our list of unacceptable substances – those with health, toxicity and contamination concerns. And these products cannot contain any ingredients on our list of restricted ingredients unless they meet the stringent restrictions set by authoritative bodies and industry institutions. 

This means when consumers see the EWG VERIFIED mark, they can be certain a product provides the highest possible levels of UVA protection using the healthiest ingredients.

Added product considerations 

EWG VERIFIED takes into account additional factors. Sunscreens that carry the mark cannot: 

  • Be in an aerosol or powder form, given the increased inhalation risk. 
  • Have an SPF value below 15 or higher than 50.
  • Include marketing claims banned by the FDA, such as “sunblock,” “sweatproof,” or “waterproof.”

In a market full of products that may not effectively protect consumers from harmful UVA rays, the EWG VERIFIED mark is a beacon of trust. By searching for the EWG VERIFIED mark in product aisles, consumers can confidently choose the healthiest option to protect themselves and their families from both chemicals of concern and the sun’s harmful rays. 

It’s easy to find EWG VERIFIED sunscreens. Look for the mark on product packages, check company websites for information on their EWG VERIFIED products, and search EWG’s Skin Deep® database and Guide to Sunscreens for the most up-to-date information.

Until the FDA passes meaningful regulation, EWG will fill this critical gap in the sunscreen market, providing peace of mind for consumers who seek reliable sunscreen options.