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Secret Farm Bill in Super Committee efforts blocked

November 2011

We put all hands on deck to oppose the subsidy lobby’s attempt to stuff the farm bill into the Super Committee deficit reduction proposal. We developed and released a stream of reports drawing media attention to the machinations of the subsidy lobby, produced a video that was aired on CNN and in Des Moines broadcast markets urging viewers to help stop the secret farm bill, visited 50 Congressional offices to ask them to help stop the secret farm bill and called every Senate and House office expressing our opposition to the bill.  Our commissioned research on a new crop insurance proposal that would have cost taxpayers mightily was a game-changer that effectively killed the secret negotiations on the bill. Grist writer Tom Laskawy, in a piece entitled “No Secret Farm Bill and other things to be thankful for,” praised EWG for making the secret farm bill public.  New York Times writer Mark Bittman called EWG “the best watchdog on misallocated subsides.” 

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