Making American energy policy that makes sense

October 2009

EWG analyses such as Crying Wolf: Climate Change Will Cost Farmers Far More Than a Climate Bill , Ethanol's Federal Subsidy Grab Leaves Little For Solar, Wind And Geothermal Energy and America Needs a True Renewable Energy Policy, changed the national conversation about corn ethanol by underscoring the false promises of conventional biofuels as a solution for climate change and energy independence.

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Highlighting cell phone radiation risks

September 2009

EWG's first-ever guide to cell phone radiation, released September 9, 2009, went viral through the blogosphere in a matter of hours, logging more than 1.5 million visitors in its first month online and setting new EWG records for sign-ups and commentary. The Federal Communications Commission embraced major aspects of EWG's recommendations on cell phone safety.

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Protecting national treasures from mining

June 2009


After EWG exposed a surge in uranium and other mining claims near the Grand Canyon, Congress invoked its rarely-used emergency authority to ban mining on more than 1 million acres around the canyon, but the Bush administration defied the legally bindng resolution.

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Banning BPA

March 2009

Major baby bottle manufacturers agreed to stop using plastic containing bisphenol A, the toxic hormone-disrupting chemical.  Lawmakers in Minnesota, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington state, Suffolk County, NY, and Chicago voted to ban BPA in food packaging for babies and young children. The California Assembly voted 35 to 31 for a similar ban, falling just short of 41 votes needed for passage. Final action was postponed to 2010. Meanwhile, California regulators proposed to add warning labels to canned and bottled food containing leached BPA.  


Banning phthalates

February 2009

On February 10, 2009, a federal ban went into effect for phthalates, a toxic plasticizer, in children's toys and childcare items. 

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