EWG/Commonweal Study #7, consumer product chemicals in adults and teens
EWG Study #8, chemicals in mother and 2 children
EWG/Commonweal Study #1, industrial chemicals and pesticides in adults
EWG/Commonweal Study #4, industrial chemicals and pesticides in cord blood
EWG Study #3, industrial chemicals and pesticides in adults
EWG Study #2, flame retardants in breast milk
EWG Study #5, Teflon and mercury in blood in adults and teens
EWG Study #6, consumer product chemicals in mothers and daughters
EWG Study #9, flame retardants in mothers and children
EWG Study #10, cosmetic chemicals in teens
Adult Minority Leader Report
Other Body Burden Studies
Pollution in Minority Newborns

Anonymous Adult 2
Anonymous Adult 3
Anonymous Adult 5
Anonymous Adult 4
Anonymous Adult 6
Anonymous Adult 7
Anonymous Teen 1
Anonymous Adult 9
Anonymous Adult 12
Anonymous Adult 13
Anonymous Adult 11
Anonymous Adult 10
Anonymous Adult 14
Anonymous Adult 15
Anonymous Adult 16
Anonymous Adult 17
Anonymous Adult 18
Anonymous Adult 20
Anonymous Adult 21
Andrea Martin
Bill Moyers
Davis Baltz
Lucy Waletsky
Michael Lerner
Sharyle Patton
Lexi Rome
Monique Harden
Charlotte Brody
Baby #1
Baby #2
Baby #3
Baby #4
Baby #5
Baby #6
Baby #7
Baby #8
Baby #9
Baby #10
Anonymous Adult 1
Kathy Fowler
U.S. Representative Louise Slaughter
Jenna Meyer
Katrina Alcorn
Tiffany Kimball
Teri Olle
Margaret Hardin
Susan Comfort
Angela Strother
Rani Corey-Sheaffer
Meredith Buhalis
Darcy White
Jennifer Scheinz
Laurie Yung
Leila Feldman
Susanne Green
Erika Schreder
Participant #2
Participant #8
Kelsey Wirth
Michael Goodstein
Margie Roswell
Nina Damato
Nora Pouillon
Stephanie Berger
Participant #1
Participant #10
Fred Gellert
Adelaide Gomer
Ann Hunter-Welborn
Jesse Johnson
Anonymous Adult
Winsome McIntosh
Judi Shils
Participant #18
Lynde Uihlein
Participant #2
Participant #20
Jessica Welborn
Alicia Wittink
Irene Crowe
Martha Davis
Emily Sayrs
Participant #6
Anonymous Adult RN7
Anonymous Teen 22
Anonymous Adult RN9
Sara Corbett
Anonymous Child #17
Anonymous Mom #17
Olivia Brune
Mary Brune
Anonymous Mom #13
Anonymous Child #13
Naomi Carrigg
Laura Spark
Anonymous Child #11
Anonymous Mom #11
Mckenzie Green
Susanne Fleek
Hannelore Peters
Erika Schreder
Conner Adams
Laurie Yung
Brynn Dickman
Hillary Dickman
Elijah Scheinz
Jennifer Scheinz
Natalie Comerford
Teri Olle
Anonymous Teen 20
Emma Spencer
Erin Schrode
Anonymous Teen 21
Sydney Blankers
Sarah Oswald
Asta Haman-Dicko
Laurie Mittelmann
Jenny Gilbertson
Anonymous Teen 11
Anonymous Teen 9
Christa Heffron
Caroline Burlingame
Monica Paulson
Donalin Cazeau
Natalie Klapper
Greta Hardin
Ruby Alcorn
Katrina Alcorn
Anonymous Child #42
Susan Comfort
Tracy Herndon
Zade Little
Maija West
Eva West
Jessica Assaf
Hope Atkins
Rizza Alcaria
Alex Wells
Dr. Beverly Wright
Adult #108
Adult B
Baby B
Vivian Chang
Jennifer Hill-Kelley
Suzie Canales
Jean Salone
Cord Blood Sample 11
Cord Blood Sample 12
Cord Blood Sample 13
Cord Blood Sample 14
Cord Blood Sample 15
Cord Blood Sample 16
Cord Blood Sample 17
Cord Blood Sample 18
Cord Blood Sample 19
Cord Blood Sample 20

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