chemical Class

Bisphenol A & BADGE

Chemicals in the class:

BADGE-4OH, Bisphenol A

Found in these people:

Anonymous Adult 2, Anonymous Adult 5, Anonymous Adult 7, Anonymous Adult 9, Anonymous Adult 12, Anonymous Adult 11, Anonymous Adult 15, Anonymous Adult 16, Anonymous Adult 17, Anonymous Adult 18, Anonymous Adult 21, Participant #1, Participant #10, Fred Gellert, Adelaide Gomer, Jesse Johnson, Anonymous Adult, Winsome McIntosh, Judi Shils, Participant #18, Participant #2, Participant #20, Jessica Welborn, Irene Crowe, Martha Davis, Emily Sayrs, Participant #6, Anonymous Adult RN7, Anonymous Teen 22, Anonymous Adult RN9, Sara Corbett, Dr. Beverly Wright, Adult #108, Vivian Chang, Jennifer Hill-Kelley, Suzie Canales, Jean Salone, Cord Blood Sample 11, Cord Blood Sample 12, Cord Blood Sample 13, Cord Blood Sample 14, Cord Blood Sample 15, Cord Blood Sample 16, Cord Blood Sample 18, Cord Blood Sample 19, Cord Blood Sample 20

Found in these locations:

Chicago, IL; Fredericksburg, VA; Lamont, FL; Atlanta, GA; Mountain View, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Berkeley, CA; San Francisco, CA; Alamo, CA; New York, NY; CA, USA; Belvedere, CA; Ithaca, NY; Washington, DC; Ross, CA; VA, USA; CO, USA; Littleton, CO; MD, USA; NY, USA; New Orleans, LA; Oakland, CA; Green Bay, WI; Corpus Christi, TX

Bisphenol A & BADGE

Bisphenol A & BADGE has been found in 51 of the 70 people tested in EWG/Commonweal studies.

Top health concerns for Bisphenol A & BADGE (References)

health concern or target organ weight of evidence
Endocrine systemstrong

Other health concerns for Bisphenol A & BADGE (References)

health concern or target organ weight of evidence
Immune system (including sensitization and allergies)unknown

Toxicity Classifications (References)

classification governing entity/references
Endocrine disruptorHanaoka, T., N. Kawamura, et al. (2002). Urinary bisphenol A and plasma hormone concentrations in male workers exposed to bisphenol A diglycidyl ether and mixed organic solvents. Occup Environ Med 59(9): 625-8.
Immune system toxicity - weight of evidence unknown/unassessedSugita-Konishi, Y., S. Shimura, et al. (2003). Effect of Bisphenol A on non-specific immunodefenses against non-pathogenic Escherichia coli. Toxicol Lett 136(3): 217-27.