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Chemical Class:

Semivolatile organic compounds

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Found in these people:

Lucy Waletsky, Charlotte Brody

Found in these locations:

Pleasantville, NY; Round Hill, VA


Very little is known about the long-term toxic effects of ethyl cyclohexane. Short-term exposures to laboratory animals are known to cause eye and skin irritation. High doses may result in dizziness, difficulty breathing, lung toxicity, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, tremors, unconsciousness and circulatory toxicity (CPChem 2000).


Industrial solvent, starting material; animal studies link to eye, skin irritation; high doses may result in dizziness, difficulty breathing.

Ethylcyclohexane has been found in 2 of the 9 people tested in EWG/Commonweal studies.

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  • found in 2 of 9 people in the group

found in 2 of 9 people, but not quantified