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Organophosphate Pesticides and Metabolites

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Diethylphosphorodithidate (DEDTP)

Organophosphate pesticides were previously marketed for home use and are now used on produce. Known neurotoxins that are particularly toxic to developing fetuses, infants and children

Diethylphosphorodithidate (DEDTP) has been found in 0 of the 9 people tested in EWG/Commonweal studies. It has also been found in 4,946 of the 4,961 people tested in CDC biomonitoring studies.

Top health concerns for Diethylphosphorodithidate (DEDTP) (References)

health concern or target organ weight of evidence
Brain and nervous systemunknown

Results for Diethylphosphorodithidate (DEDTP)

in urine

Showing results from EWG/Commonweal Study #1, industrial chemicals and pesticides in adults

EWG/Commonweal results

  • found in 0 of 9 people in the group

found in 0 of 9 people

Detailed toxicity classifications (References)

classification governing entity/references
Nervous system toxicity - weight of evidence unknown/unassessedKamel, F. and J. A. Hoppin (2004). Association of pesticide exposure with neurologic dysfunction and disease. Environ Health Perspect 112(9): 950-8.