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Organochlorine Pesticide (OC)

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Anonymous Adult 1

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not found


Organochlorine chemical, a class largely banned in the U.S. that builds up in the body over time, linked to cancer and reproductive harm.

2,4'-DDD has been found in 1 of the 18 people tested in EWG/Commonweal studies.

Top health concerns for 2,4'-DDD (References)

health concern or target organ weight of evidence
Reproduction and fertilityunknown

Results for 2,4'-DDD

in blood serum (lipid weight)

Showing results from EWG/Commonweal Study #4, industrial chemicals and pesticides in cord blood, San Francisco Reporter, EWG Study #8, chemicals in mother and 2 children, EWG Study #3, industrial chemicals and pesticides in adults

EWG/Commonweal results

  • found in 1 of 18 people in the group
ng/g (lipid weight) in blood serum 0.209

2,4'-DDD results

Detailed toxicity classifications (References)

classification governing entity/references
Reproductive effects - weight of evidence unknown/unassessedDamgaard, I. N., N. E. Skakkebaek, et al. (2006). Persistent pesticides in human breast milk and cryptorchidism. Environ Health Perspect 114(7): 1133-8.