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EWG’s Letter to FDA on Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Meat

Attached is EWG’s letter to Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb to express concern over the high level of antibiotic-resistant bacteria being detected in supermarket meat.


Iowa’s Private Wells Contaminated by Nitrate and Bacteria

Des Moines Water Works has struggled for years to provide safe drinking water to its customers, battling nitrate contamination from upstream farms. But contamination from agricultural practices may be even worse for the estimated 230,000 to 290,000 Iowans whose drinking water comes from private wells, an investigation by Environmental Working Group and Iowa Environmental Council finds.


Just Add Water

More than 45 million Americans in thousands of communities were served drinking water during 1994-1995 that was polluted with fecal matter, parasites, disease causing microbes, radiation, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and lead at levels that violated health standards established under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. More than 18,500 public water supplies reported at least one violation of a

Study: Fecal Bacteria from N.C. Hog Farms Infects Nearby Homes

Scientific tests found abundant hog feces on homes and lawns, and in the air of private properties near big hog farms in North Carolina – proof that factory farms are exposing nearby communities to...

220 Million Americans Could Have Chloroform in Their Tap Water

When you think of chloroform, your thoughts may drift to faint memories of 1970s television shows in which a villain knocks out their victim with chloroform-soaked cloth.

FDA Should Adopt EPA Tap Water Health Goals for Bottled Water

Bottled water costs hundreds of times more than tap water, but when it comes to consumer protections, it's no better.

Bottled Water Lobby’s Misinformation Campaign

Yesterday, the lobby group for the bottled water industry used untruths, misleading statements and claims that were outright wrong in its attempt to dispel a study by Environmental Working Group (EWG)...

Bottled Water Quality Investigation

The bottled water industry promotes an image of purity, but comprehensive testing by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveals a surprising array of chemical contaminants in every bottled water brand analyzed, including toxic byproducts of chlorination in Walmart's Sam's Choice and Giant Supermarket's Acadia brands, at levels no different than routinely found in tap water. Several Sam's Choice

EWG's Guide to Safe Drinking Water

Read EWG researchers' top tips to learn how to stay hydrated while reducing your exposures to common drinking water pollutants. Download as PDF

FDA should adopt EPA tap water health goals as enforceable limits for bottled water

Regarding proposed amendment of 21 CFR Parts 129 and 165 Docket No. FDA-2008-N-0446 Download as PDF file. Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non-profit health and environmental research and...

Why ‘Raw Water’ is a Raw Deal

Americans have good reasons to question the quality of their drinking water.

Harmful Chemicals Found in Bottled Water

Ten popular U.S. bottled water brands contain mixtures of 38 different pollutants, including bacteria, fertilizer, Tylenol and industrial chemicals, some at levels no better than tap water, according...

Buyer beware: What's in your bottled water?

By Olga Naidenko, PhD and Nneka Leiba, MPH If I want healthy, tasty, clean drinking water, and I want it today, tomorrow, and for the future, where do I turn? The bottled water industry has a ready...

Toxic Beaches

Either toxic algae or potentially dangerous fecal bacteria forced the closure of at least 116 U.S. beaches this spring and summer and triggered health warnings at 162 more, according to a new analysis by the Environmental Working Group.
Consumer Guides

Five Reasons to Skip Bottled Water

Over the course of a week, EWG highlights five important reasons to skip bottled water and opt for filtered tap water instead.

The High Cost of Algae Blooms in U.S. Waters

Communities across the United States have spent more than $1 billion since 2010 dealing with outbreaks of potentially toxic algae in lakes, rivers, bays and drinking water supplies, according to an analysis by the Environmental Working Group.

Wisconsin Farm Group Admits to Tainting Drinking Water, Continues Failing Residents

What if your neighbor poured toxic chemicals into your drinking water but only agreed to pay for part of the cleanup? Well, that's exactly what's happening in northeastern Wisconsin.

Finding a Water Filter that Works for You

No matter where you live, the tap water is sure to contain some chemicals you don't want to drink. For instance, we at Environmental Working Group recently reviewed the water quality tests of 201 big...

Toxic Beaches: Hundreds of Closures and Health Warnings in 2020

Toxic algae and bacteria forced the closure of at least 116 U.S. beaches and triggered health warnings at 162 more this spring and summer, according to an investigation by the Environmental Working...

Duke Study Links Fracking to Methane in Drinking Water

A study published last week by a Duke University research team has found new evidence that links hydraulic fracturing for natural gas to elevated methane levels in private water supplies across...

EWG's New Online Water Filter Buying Guide

The Environmental Working Group has released its new online water filter buying guide with more options and new tips for consumers who want cleaner drinking water for themselves and their families.

“Last Resort” Antibiotic Threatened by Overuse in Livestock

A team of scientists at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and Army Institute of Research in Washington, D.C. has discovered the first instance of a person living in the U.S. infected...

Chromium-6 in U.S. Tap Water

Laboratory tests commissioned by EWG have detected hexavalent chromium, the carcinogenic “Erin Brockovich chemical,” in tap water from 31 of 35 American cities. The highest levels were in Norman, Okla.; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Riverside, Calif. In all, water samples from 25 cities contained the toxic metal at concentrations above the safe maximum recently proposed by California regulators.

Supermarket Meat Still Superbugged, Federal Data Show

EWG’s most recent analysis of more than 47,000 federal government lab tests of bacteria on supermarket meat found an increase in the already high number of pork chops and ground beef contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Levels on ground turkey and chicken breasts remained high, but saw a slight decline. In the five years since our original analysis, “Superbugs Invade American