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Watch the Story of Cosmetics

Annie Leonard does it again. This time she tells us about all those products in the cosmetics aisle that we use so many of every day (12 for women, 6 for men, on average).

Tell Congress: We want a strong chemicals policy (now!)

Ever wonder if you can really, truly make a difference in an effort for national policy reform? I mean, it's a big country, right? Do policy makers really care that you fervently believe that...

How to give kids a green and healthy start

Every month we send our e-listers (yes, that could be you) a Healthy Home Tip.

You could (almost) eat this furniture

When I shop for furniture, I usually think of what NOT to get - no sprayed-on stain protection, no flame retardants, no unsustainable wood, and the list goes on.

Fracking: Live chat with EWG & 'Gasland' director Josh Fox

"Everywhere I went, it was the same story: water trouble, health problems, hazardous explosive conditions - inside the house."

Understanding Sunscreen: 4 Questions about SPF

Pretty much all I knew about sunscreen growing up was that SPF was some measure of how much sunburn protection came out of the bottle. Hard to believe that (way back) in those days the great debate...

Something stinks: Secrecy and health hazards courtesy of the fragrance industry

Millions of American consumers participate every day as unwitting human lab rats in one of the biggest experiments ever conducted (or, more appropriately, perpetrated) on the human race. For many...

Daniel Goleman: Access to info will make all the difference

Well-known author and psychologist Daniel Goleman suggests that if we consumers have more easily-accessible information about the products we buy, we'll be better prepared to make choices that...

Stay current on TSCA reform progress

The Environmental Working Group's campaign for Kid-Safe Chemicals shifted into high gear exactly a week before the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (poetic justice), when Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)...

Maryland is 5th state to ban BPA

This month Maryland became the 5th state to ban the use of the plastics chemical, bisphenol A (BPA) in children's products, including baby bottles and sippy cups.

California School District Cleans Up - With CLASS

When school purchasing agent Dawn Everson came across a program called CLASS - "Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools" - she recognized a great opportunity for the Manteca Unified School District.

Inspiring Day in Pittsburgh

The program's description for Ms. Heinz's morning talk was "Opening Address." While that leaves plenty of room for interpretation, I don't think any of the 2,000+ listeners of the Women's Health and...

Asbestos: Cover up of a century

Thousands of innocent people die while governments do nothing to prevent it. In Darfur it's called genocide. In the case of asbestos-related deaths in the United States, it's just a statistic.

Commandments in the kitchen: Got some?

I've been perusing Alexandra Zissu's new book, The Conscious Kitchen, lately. It's a current, thoroughly-researched, user-friendly reference for buying and cooking food that's good for you and the...

Could be hard to avoid these 7 cleaning ingredients, but you should try

A few weeks ago I stood in the cleaning aisle wondering what to get. Since I'm a die-hard label reader, I grabbed some containers and turned them around so I could assess the ingredients.

Can EWG staff live a week without canned food? Can you?

In 2007 we tested canned food for BPA because the can linings contain the chemical, and we suspected it might leach into the food. And, as we all know now, it does.

BPA in canned foods: Why can some

Way back in 2007 my boss, EWG Vice-President for Research Jane Houlihan, sent me the results of canned food testing for a chemical called Bisphenol A. I hadn't previously paid much attention to this...

Can bottled water be funny? Watch this....

We all know bottled water is "the pits" (remember Erma Bombeck?), but we don't all say it like Derek. Listen up and be ready to laugh as Derek Forgie goes "inside the bottle."

Ever checked your house for chemicals?

If you've ever wondered what's toxic in your house, you'll want to watch this home walk-through with Jane Houlihan, EWG's Senior Vice-President for Research. She joins Jennifer Folsom, mom to 3 young...

3,163 ingredients hide behind the word "fragrance"

Enviroblog readers all know that "fragrance" is a term that the cosmetics, cleaning and candle industries use on ingredient lists that discloses only that there are unnamed chemicals in the product.

Rachel Carson: The woman behind the book

Known, of course, for her movement-launching 1962 book, Silent Spring, Rachel Carson understood the important relationship between nature and chemicals. She raised her voice to inform others and...

Cosmetics Safety Series - Part 2: Mind the (data) gap

We think consumers deserve to know that the products and ingredients they use every day have been tested for safety.

Blogger talk: Too many chemicals in cord blood

It's true there are too many chemicals in cord blood. You know it. We know it. But who else knows it? Well now, that depends on who else is writing about it (like, say, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal)...