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Supermarket Meat Still Superbugged, Federal Data Show

EWG’s most recent analysis of more than 47,000 federal...

EWG’s Advice for Zika Protection

When it comes to avoiding the Zika virus, EWG’s advice to Americans – especially women who are pregnant or may become pregnant – is to cover up, pay careful attention to the travel notices posed by...

Drinking Water and Children’s Health

Toxic pollutants in drinking water are particularly hazardous for children. Compared to adults, children drink more water per pound of body weight, resulting in greater exposure and greater risk. They...

Mapping a Contamination Crisis

The known extent of the contamination of U.S. communities with PFCs – highly fluorinated toxic chemicals, also known as PFASs, that have been linked to cancer, thyroid disease, weakened immunity and...

Organic Within Reach

With a little planning, cooking organic food can save money and time, help you eat better, cut down on waste and help protect the environment.
Expert Spotlight

Chemical companies provide quarterly reports on production and sales figures to shareholders. Why shouldn’t the public and EPA receive similar reports every year about commonly used chemicals, some of which could pose a serious health risk?”

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