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Just Add Water

A two year profile of drinking water quality in the US

May 1, 1996

Just Add Water: Table 14

Table 14.

Systems on the previous "Water to Watch" list, reporting no new or continuing problems, 1994-1995.


Water System State Population
Reason(s) for being on the Water to Watch list in 1994 Most Recent
New York City - Aqueduct System NY 6,552,718 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Nov-94
Elizabeth Water Department NJ 110,002 Chronic Coliform Aug-94
North Penn Water Authority PA 69,072 Fecal Bacteria, Tetrachloroethylene Apr-94
Parsippany-Troy Hills Water NJ 48,478 Dichloromethane (Methylene Chloride), Trichloroethylene Jan-94
Belleville Water Dept NJ 35,129 Chronic Coliform Aug-94
Vineland Water & Sewer Utility NJ 33,500 Trichloroethylene Jan-94
Southwest Regional Water District OH 31,500 Fecal Bacteria Aug-94
Kearney, City Of NE 24,396 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform Sep-94
Steubenville, City Of OH 22,125 Fecal Bacteria, Chronic Coliform Aug-94
Gaffney BPW SC 21,746 Trihalomethanes Oct-94
South Fort Polk Water System LA 21,500 Chronic Coliform Apr-94
Lake Wales, City Of FL 19,690 Chronic Coliform Apr-94
McAlester PWA OK 18,000 Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Sep-94
Chambersburg Boro Water System PA 17,500 Trihalomethanes Oct-94
Thibodaux Waterworks LA 15,810 Chronic Coliform, Inadequate Filtration Oct-94
Chester Metro SC 15,128 Trihalomethanes Jul-94
Mitchell SD 13,798 Trihalomethanes Jul-94
Lancaster City Of SC 13,755 Trihalomethanes Jul-94
Williston City Of ND 13,131 Inadequate Filtration, Trihalomethanes Jan-94
Stucker Fork Water Utility IN 11,110 Trihalomethanes Jul-94
Clanton Water Department AL 10,800 Trihalomethanes Apr-94
Whitehall Township Authority PA 10,800 Chronic Coliform Aug-94
MD-American Water Co. MD 10,200 Fluoride Oct-94

Source: Environmental Working Group. Compiled from EPA Safe Drinking Water Information System 1994-1996.