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Taking from the Taxpayers

How the Bush Administration Gave Subsidy-Rich California Farmers a $17 Million Christmas Bonus

February 10, 2005

Taking from the Taxpayers: Full List of Subsidy Recipients

Farms that will share in the "takings" settlement receive millions of dollars in federal farm subsidies

Farm/Farmer City/State Total Farm
Subsidy Payments
J G Boswell Co.Corcoran, CA$23,919,679
Dublin FarmsCorcoran, CA$11,913,936
Hansen RanchesCorcoran, CA$8,616,787
C.J. Ritchie FarmsLost Hills, CA$8,225,657
Buttonwillow Land & Cattle Co.Buttonwillow, CA$8,135,045
Starrh & Starrh Cotton GrowersShafter, CA$7,991,530
WestfarmersVisalia, CA$6,670,547
Gilkey 5Corcoran, CA$5,588,236
Chicca TwinButtonwillow, CA$4,897,759
Wheeler FarmsBakersfield, CA$3,972,321
Torigiani FarmsButtonwillow, CA$3,501,218
Phoenix Farming Co., TheCorcoran, CA$3,441,472
Four B's FarmsCorcoran, CA$3,432,123
Gilkey EnterprisesCorcoran, CA$3,121,774
Harry Banducci & SonsBakersfield, CA$3,107,042
Houchin BrothersButtonwillow, CA$3,074,525
Fred Palla FarmsButtonwillow, CA$2,928,370
Newton FarmsStratford, CA$2,789,606
Cauzza Bros.Buttonwillow, CA$2,735,111
Toretta FarmsButtonwillow, CA$2,722,339
Palla Rosa FarmsBakersfield, CA$2,618,773
Cerro FarmsBakersfield, CA$2,579,032
Gardiner FarmsBakersfield, CA$2,437,694
John CrumpBakersfield, CA$2,419,064
Carmel PartnersWasco, CA$2,415,896
Parsons FarmsButtonwillow, CA$2,378,740
Joe Fanucchi & Sons - SouthArvin, CA$2,373,069
Roy & George FanucchiShafter, CA$2,239,553
Belluomini FarmsButtonwillow, CA$2,132,648
John Romanini & SonsButtonwillow, CA$2,099,618
Westlake Farms,inc.Stratford, CA$2,087,842
Triple B FarmsBakersfield, CA$2,038,721
K. Barnard & SonsBakersfield, CA$2,036,862
R & G FarmsBakersfield, CA$2,024,910
Bidart BrothersBakersfield, CA$1,969,727
Elk Grove RanchButtonwillow, CA$1,949,892
Mario Buoni & SonsBakersfield, CA$1,916,568
Destefani FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,890,467
Pierucci FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,862,257
Four D FarmingBakersfield, CA$1,746,082
Kosareff FarmsButtonwillow, CA$1,729,592
Banducci & SonButtonwillow, CA$1,701,794
Costerisan FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,699,019
Greenlee FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,661,342
Franceschi & Son FarmsButtonwillow, CA$1,654,879
Mckittrick RanchesBakersfield, CA$1,643,347
J. D. & K. FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,586,447
M & M FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,555,196
Houchin Ranch 7Buttonwillow, CA$1,404,873
R & B FarmsShafter, CA$1,390,184
Vandborg FarmsLamont, CA$1,371,686
Stenderup Ag PartnersBakersfield, CA$1,365,299
Bel-An FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,352,067
Don Schulte FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,346,920
J. S. A. CompanyBakersfield, CA$1,309,070
S & S FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,281,286
K. M. FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,223,326
Aldo Antongiovanni & SonButtonwillow, CA$1,207,421
Rodney Palla FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,158,711
Julian Pierucci & SonButtonwillow, CA$1,152,363
Tillema FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,140,038
Walter DelfinoButtonwillow, CA$1,133,066
Kootstra Dairy FarmBakersfield, CA$1,132,834
Palla FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,107,257
D J FarmsTaft, CA$1,064,193
SRB FarmsLost Hills, CA$1,059,308
Bryan Bone FarmsBakersfield, CA$1,009,524
E.w. Suorez Farms, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$985,490
A. J. Torrigiani & SonsButtonwillow, CA$962,685
George Borba & Son DairyChino, CA$956,241
Joseph A. Eyraud & Sons, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$946,319
Ralph And Greg PallaBakersfield, CA$939,599
Maple FarmsBakersfield, CA$938,451
Don Valpredo FarmsBakersfield, CA$928,341
Kophamer & KophamerBakersfield, CA$925,571
H 3 RanchButtonwillow, CA$912,029
Progresive Associates GroupBakersfield, CA$892,055
Bloemhof Katoen BoerderijWasco, CA$880,413
Baggiani & IsolaButtonwillow, CA$809,892
A.J.B. RanchBakersfield, CA$760,804
H. V. Farms, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$744,742
G. and M. FarmsButtonwillow, CA$744,448
David Torgiani FarmsButtonwillow, CA$717,088
Frank & Daniel FugittBakersfield, CA$711,737
Tri-fanucchi Farms, Inc.Arvin, CA$708,932
Parker FarmsBakersfield, CA$697,886
Albert & Lilly Ghilarducci FrmButtonwillow, CA$666,461
R. M. Mettler (Metco)Bakersfield, CA$666,037
Arthur GhilarducciButtonwillow, CA$657,120
J & W FarmingBakersfield, CA$656,033
Wilgenburg Dairy FarmBakersfield, CA$648,230
John A. Miller FarmsWasco, CA$635,211
Shaen Magan Family TrustBass Lake, CA$632,237
Roy & Jelsey Romanini FarmsButtonwillow, CA$631,052
Rudy AngoneBakersfield, CA$626,223
Giannelli FarmsBakersfield, CA$617,458
Suburu FarmsBakersfield, CA$600,950
V & C FarmsBakersfield, CA$596,186
Mettler Ag/David MettlerBakersfield, CA$590,745
Tejon Ranch/Laval FarmsLebec, CA$589,180
A. Cattani & SonBakersfield, CA$581,051
Paramount Farming Co.-EastsideBakersfield, CA$576,597
Val-Ridge FarmsBakersfield, CA$571,428
4-B FarmsButtonwillow, CA$548,543
E. H. A. FarmsBakersfield, CA$541,570
R & M Jelmini FarmsBakersfield, CA$541,567
Howard Frick FarmsBakersfield, CA$534,920
MNA TrustBakersfield, CA$532,446
Riverbend Dairy #2Tulare, CA$525,654
V.B. Zaninovich & Sons, Inc.Richgrove, CA$503,529
Costamagna BrosBakersfield, CA$493,987
Thomson Land CompanyBakersfield, CA$493,338
Opal Fry & SonBakersfield,, CA$486,395
Bonanza FarmsBakersfield, CA$450,528
Tut Bros. FarmsWatsonville, CA$440,501
Sierra Victor Ranch CompanyDelano, CA$439,525
Community RecyclingLamont, CA$433,937
Bloemhof Ag EntWasco, CA$430,593
Wm. Bolthouse, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$429,176
Jarrard FarmsBakersfield, CA$423,897
Nikkel Bros. FarmsBakersfield, CA$418,157
R & K FarmsButtonwillow, CA$412,156
Gino BuoniBakersfield, CA$411,552
Fanucchi EnterprisesArvin, CA$390,274
Munger InvestmentsDelano, CA$389,504
Munger FarmsDelano, CA$389,504
Richard ClasenBakersfield, CA$386,584
H. Spitzer & Sons Inc.Lamont, CA$381,161
Jimmie Icardo Farms, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$373,932
Del Papa FarmsBakersfield, CA$370,950
Cappello Farms, Inc./Oak FlatBakersfield, CA$346,223
Feed Resources LLCBakersfield, CA$327,988
Mitchell FarmsBakersfield, CA$324,321
Carlos GomezBakersfield, CA$320,333
Sam Andrews SonsBakersfield, CA$309,541
Corotto Co., Inc.Edison, CA$304,453
Tehachapi VineyardsCeres, CA$300,646
Richline FarmsBakersfield, CA$265,268
Kingsburg Citrus RanchMcfarland, CA$253,253
Royal FarmsFresno, CA$244,996
Sunview Vineyards Of CA., Inc.Mcfarland, CA$236,025
Wheeler Ridge Farming Co.Rancho Cucamonga, CA$233,187
Walker Fry RanchBakersfield, CA$233,063
Trinity Farms, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$232,710
M.A.D. Farms?, CA$221,527
Dosanjh Bros. FarmBakersfield, CA$212,655
Sandhill FarmsArvin, CA$205,090
Bhogal FarmsBakersfield, CA$199,152
Ray-lee CompanyBakersfield, CA$198,577
Poso Creek RanchDelano, CA$197,440
Gar Mcleod & SonsBakersfield, CA$187,540
Banducci FarmsBakersfield, CA$186,025
Norman ShepherdButtonwillow, CA$179,067
Bapu Farming Co. LLCMadera, CA$174,583
Paul Coombs & SonsBakersfield, CA$169,611
7 K RanchBakersfield, CA$165,950
Joel SuburuBakersfield, CA$165,409
San Raphael Fruits, Corp.Rolling Hills Estate, CA$157,229
Agriswiss, Inc.Mcfarland, CA$135,840
M & E FarmsBakersfield, CA$134,303
M. J . B. FarmsDelano, CA$125,758
Kirschenmann FarmsLamont, CA$123,776
Harold Fleishauer & SonBakersfield, CA$119,064
Baroncini Bros.Bakersfield, CA$117,089
John S. Antongiovanni Jr.Bakersfield, CA$111,133
Larsons DairylandBakersfield, CA$109,817
I & I Farms Inc., Frank IcardoLamont, CA$107,882
Jack SchweikartBakersfield, CA$105,582
Mc Carthy Family FarmsCorcoran, CA$99,986
Affentranger & SonsBakersfield, CA$99,902
Anthony VineyardsBakersfield, CA$79,563
California PistachioBakersfield, CA$78,269
Roden FarmsShandon, CA$76,700
Frank Garone, Jr.Bakersfield, CA$75,384
Miersma Family DairyChino, CA$75,278
Rich Mar FarmsBakersfield, CA$73,116
Andrewsag Inc.Bakersfield, CA$73,072
Norman EtchisonBakersfield, CA$54,752
Golden State Vinters, Inc.Fresno, CA$46,106
Cal Farm InvestBakersfield, CA$45,065
Mark JohnsonBakersfield, CA$43,586
Amaretto Orchards c/o Ag WiseBakersfield, CA$36,318
J.F. & S. FarmsBakersfield, CA$35,408
Tom SandriniBakersfield, CA$33,453
7th Standard RanchShafter, CA$30,601
King-pak FarmsLamont, CA$19,981
Michael HatManteca, CA$15,232
Louis Riccomini & SonsBakersfield, CA$11,088
Kundert Brothers FarmsEdison, CA$10,821
Andrew BrancatoBakersfield, CA$8,206
Holmes Ag. ManagementFresno, CA$5,152
Sunset FarmsBakersfield, CA$3,299
Bloemhof Land & FarmingWasco, CA$1,568
PrimexFresno, CA$288
Singh, JagtarFresno, CA$0
John J. Kovacevich & SonsArvin, CA$0
Yaksitch FarmsLamont, CA$0
Kindig Bros.Bakersfield, CA$0
Grimmway EnterprisesBakersfield, CA$0
Thomas MilesBakersfield, CA$0
Giumarra VineyardsBakersfield, CA$0
Stephen Pavich & SonsLindsay, CA$0
Rancho AlexanderMcfarland, CA$0
Key FarmArvin, CA$0
G & G FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Kern Ridge GrowersArvin, CA$0
Vignolo-Delmart FarmsShafter, CA$0
Bushnell FarmButtonwillow, CA$0
Richard EnnsBakersfield, CA$0
Lester E. StoutBakersfield, CA$0
Hankins Farms, Inc.Wasco, CA$0
7th Standard Ranch Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Malibu VineyardsDelano, CA$0
Blackwell Land Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Badger FarmingExeter, CA$0
NalbandianLamont, CA$0
Old River SodBakersfield, CA$0
Romero FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Western Ag SpecialistsSanger, CA$0
Paramount CitrusDelano, CA$0
Foxtail FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Hall FarmingArvin, CA$0
Hein Ranch CompanyVisalia, CA$0
Poochigian FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
James TazioliButtonwillow, CA$0
Don And Alfred PallaBakersfield, CA$0
Aldo Angone FarmingBakersfield, CA$0
Don Laux Farm ManagementPorterville, CA$0
Agro FarmingArvin, CA$0
Doug Kaiser FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Norman Efird FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Blair FarmsButtonwillow, CA$0
Lloyd Unruh FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Smith & Sons/Smith & SmithBakersfield, CA$0
Fred Starrh FarmsShafter, CA$0
Desert RanchWasco, CA$0
Hay BrothersBakersfield, CA$0
Pioneer NurseryVisalia, CA$0
Universal Farming #105Redondo Beach, CA$0
C.S. Sidhu FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Famoso VineyardsDelano, CA$0
Rainbow Ranches, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Dennis & Peter Frick, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Ugo Antongiovanni FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Dole Fresh Fruit Co. - Rch LmaBakersfield, CA$0
D. M. CampBakersfield, CA$0
Dushmesh Farms, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Jack Reed FarmingEdison, CA$0
Ag. Management Associates, Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Superior SodTehachapi, CA$0
A & P RanchLost Hills, CA$0
Robert S. AndrewsBakersfield, CA$0
Paramount Farming W Valley/DRLost Hills, CA$0
Sunworld Inc.DBA Superior FarmBakersfield, CA$0
Sun Pacific Farming Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Eduardo Garcia FarmEarlimart, CA$0
Stan Voth FarmsWasco, CA$0
Rancho EsteliVisalia, CA$0
Shafter RanchLathrop, CA$0
Carreon FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Tony GuerreroArvin, CA$0
Lederhos FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
B J FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Jim Hronis & Sons-Grapes OnlyDelano, CA$0
South Valley FarmsWasco, CA$0
D'Best Produce Co. LlcFresno, CA$0
Sherwood 209- Sun Valley AssocVisalia, CA$0
Delano Farms CompanyDelano, CA$0
H. P. Anderson and SonTulare, CA$0
Webster PistachiosKettleman City, CA$0
Garry Richardson FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Double G FarmsButtonwillow, CA$0
I.N.A. Farm Corp.Bakersfield, CA$0
Gless Ranch, Inc.Riverside, CA$0
Kirk Elholm FarmsWasco, CA$0
Uni-CABakersfield, CA$0
SlaydecoBakersfield, CA$0
South West 320 Fruit Co.Visalia, CA$0
G. T. S. FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Agtoprof, Inc.Shafter, CA$0
Farmland Management ServiceDelano, CA$0
Chaparral, Inc.Fresno, CA$0
RWB Ranch & TejonLindsay, CA$0
J. H. FarmsEscondido, CA$0
Triple YDelano, CA$0
Kern Oil & Refining Co.Delano, CA$0
Four Star Fruit, Inc.Delano, CA$0
Ballantine Produce Co., IncSanger, CA$0
Gorgin FarmsFresno, CA$0
Lucas BrothersVisalia, CA$0
Grimmway OrganicsBakersfield, CA$0
Doaba Farming Co., Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Elex Farms, Inc.Fresno, CA$0
John Allen FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Kenny Mc Clanahan FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Redbank-Malaga/Minda CorpLindsay, CA$0
Dewar FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Maricopa Slope RanchDelano, CA$0
Southlake RanchDelano, CA$0
Paramount Farms-Belridge RanchMckittrick, CA$0
Bel Lehr OrganicsEdison, CA$0
Betty MaganBass Lake, CA$0
Islam FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Mid State Lab Test FarmBakersfield, CA$0
Ron Fanucchi FarmingBakersfield, CA$0
TwinlandWasco, CA$0
Del Monte Fresh ProduceSanger, CA$0
Sunshine FarmsFresno, CA$0
Willow Ridge RanchShafter, CA$0
S And H FarmsGonzales, CA$0
MaricopaCeres, CA$0
Don CoxBakersfield, CA$0
Old West Farming DBA Sunmet 51Fresno, CA$0
Maricopa Nursery Corp.Manhattan Beach, CA$0
Castillo FarmsLos Angeles, CA$0
Sun Pacific Farming - MaricopaBakersfield, CA$0
Castle Rock Farming & TransprtDelano, CA$0
Sun Pacific Farming-mcfarlandBakersfield, CA$0
Raaviz FarmsFresno, CA$0
Norag Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Klein Management Inc.Bakersfield, CA$0
Alborz Farms, LLCFresno, CA$0
Cal-Organic Vegetable Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Greenwood FarmsButtonwillow, CA$0
Dynamic FarmsScotts Bluff, NE$0
Bidart FarmsChino, CA$0
Etchegaray FarmsEarlimart, CA$0
Loma RanchLos Angeles, CA$0
FMP Vineyards LlcBakersfield, CA$0
Jack S. Thomson Farming Co.Bakersfield, CA$0
Covenant FarmsBakersfield, CA$0
Hill Maricopa RanchArvin, CA$0
Ben LapadulaBass Lake, CA$0
Paragon Seed Inc.Salinas, CA$0
Tulare Lake Farming Co.Corcoran, CA$0
Hure BrothersDelano, CA$0
Giannetto CitrusTerra Bella, CA$0
Superior AlmondsPorterville, CA$0
Sun Pacific Farming (tomato)Exeter, CA$0