September 23, 2003

Mother's Milk: Acknowledgements

Principal authors: Sonya Lunder and Renee Sharp
Research assistance: Amy Ling and Caroline Colesworthy
Editors: Jane Houlihan, Bill Walker and Richard Wiles
Website, design and graphics: T.C. Greenleaf

Special thanks to each of the 20 women who volunteered to participate in this study. The donation of your time and breast milk will help foster change, starting with better decisions on the part of the government and industry in a transition to safer chemical fire retardants, and with better-informed consumer choices on the part of families.

We are grateful for the support of Dr. Angela Falany and Dr. Michael Litrel of Cherokee Women's OB/GYN in Cherokee County, Ga. Thanks to Dr. Tom McDonald of California EPA, Dr. Linda Birnbaum of the U.S. EPA, Dr. Arnold Schecter of the University of Texas, Dr. Kim Hooper of the California EPA Hazardous Materials Lab, and Ruthann Rudel of Silent Spring Institute for advice on our research or for reviewing the technical report. Thanks also to Public Research Works in Texas, and Women's Voices for the Earth in Montana, for recruiting participants and assisting with release of the report.

This report was made possible by grants from the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund, the Beldon Fund, the John Merck Fund and the California Wellness Foundation. The opinions expressed in this report are those of the authors and editors and do not necessarily reflect the views of our supporters. EWG is responsible for any errors of fact or interpretation contained in this report.