March 4, 2004

Asbestos: Think Again: Government listed asbestos contamination sites

Over 100,000 people live within half a mile of a government listed asbestos contamination site

Company State Population within
half a mile
W.R. Grace/Zonolite Company Site Beltsville,MD 1,242
Texas Vermiculite Company Dallas,TX 890
Zonolite Company/W.R. Grace Dearborn,MI 9,069
Western Minerals Company Plant Denver,CO 2,377
Zonolite Company Easthampton,MA 685
Celotex Edgewater,NJ 12,419
Zonolite Company/W.R. Grace Ellwood City,PA 2,175
Ari-Zonolite Company Glendale,AZ 6,059
Vermiculite of Hawaii Honolulu,HI 13,051
California Zonolite/Diversified Insulation Los Angeles,CA 7,156
O.M. Scott & Sons Marysville,OH 166
Western Mineral Products Minneapolis,MN 7,760
Robinson Insulation Company Minot,ND 3,146
Zonolite Company New Castle,PA 1,736
Zonolite Company New Orleans,LA 1,605
California Zonolite/Diversified Insulation Newark,CA 2,067
Western Mineral Products Company Omaha,NE 2,533
W.R. Grace/Solomon's Mines Phoenix,AZ 2,570
Vermiculite-Northwest Inc. Portland,OR 398
Supreme Perlite Company Portland,OR 54
W.R. Grace & Company Plant Santa Ana,CA 11,674
Vermiculite-Northwest Inc./W.R. Grace Spokane,WA 6,539
Zonolite Company St. Louis,MO 2,863
Verlite Company/Schmelzer Sales Tampa,FL 610
Zonolite Company/W.R. Grace Trenton,NJ 1,729
Zonolite Company/W.R. Grace Weedsport,NY 575
W.R. Grace & Company Site West Chicago,IL 1,938
Zonolite Company Wilder,KY 4,012

Source: EWG Action Fund. Compiled from ATSDR Phase I Vermiculite Sites, National Asbestos Exposure Review.