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Farmers Behind Your Food: White Oak Pastures, Georgia

Will Harris and his family have been raising livestock on their farm, White Oak Pastures, in Bluffton, Ga., since 1866.  

The White Oak Pastures website outlines what the Harris’s have done to get their farm to where it is today.  The family used to raise calves and ship them to industrial feedlots that fed them in confinement and dosed them with antibiotics and hormones.  In 1995, Will Harris began to return to his great-grandfather’s methods.  First, he fed the cattle only grass.  In 2000 the farm stop using all chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Five years later, he built a USDA-inspected, zero-waste red meat slaughterhouse on the farm.

In 2010, Harris diversified with sheep and poultry and a USDA-inspected, zero-waste poultry slaughterhouse.  Today, White Oak Pastures is the only farm in the U.S. with both red meat and poultry USDA-inspected, zero-waste processing plants.

White Oak Pastures demonstrates that producers can give priority to the health and well being of animals and land and still run a highly productive, profitable operation.