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EWG's Healthy Living Tips: EWG’s Guide to Triclosan

The federal Food and Drug Administration banned triclosan in liquid hand soap, effective September 2017. But manufacturers can still legally formulate the chemical into other products. It is in some dishwashing detergents, body washes, deodorants, acne treatments and, specifically Colgate Total toothpaste. It’s also in an array of consumer products, including mattresses, food containers and shoe insoles.

For steps on how to avoid this harmful chemical and information on its health effects, take a look at EWG’s Guide to Triclosan.

For another EWG resource on triclosan, check out EWG’s 2017 report on the chemical. And to see if triclosan is found in any of your cleaning or personal care products, check out EWG’s Skin Deep® and cleaning products databases.