U.S. Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Large Federal Investment

MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2020

Congress may soon spend billions to upgrade our aging drinking water infrastructure, which would significantly improve the safety of our drinking water and create tens of thousands of jobs. The following EWG reports and maps detail the health threats posed by chemicals and contaminants in our water and the benefits of new investments.

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Coronavirus Economic Stimulus Bills Should Tackle Failing U.S. Tap Water System

By spending billions to upgrade the nation’s failing water infrastructure, Congress can create tens of thousands of jobs and significantly improve the safety of drinking water supplies.

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Nitrate: Trouble in Farm Country

More than 2 million Americans in hundreds of small, mostly rural communities are drinking water with levels of nitrate that increase the risk of some cancers, according to a recent comprehensive review of the health effects of nitrate in drinking water.

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How Investing $75 Billion on Infrastructure Will Make Drinking Water Safer

For the next COVID-19 stimulus bill, House leaders have proposed spending $75.9 billion over five years on water infrastructure.

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