The Cash Croppers: Farm Subsidies 1985-1994

The Top Two Percent of America's Farm Subsidy Recipients, 1985-1994

September 2, 1995

The Cash Croppers: Farm Subsidies 1985-1994: Chapter 1. All USDA Subsidies

This chapter provides the most expansive analysis of the extraordinary degree to which tens of billions of dollars of Federal farm subsidy payments have been concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of subsidy recipients over the past decade.

Tabulated in this chapter are $108.9 billion in direct payments made through all USDA subsidy programs administered by the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (ASCS) since 1985, including farm programs (crop deficiency payments, dairy termination, on-farm storage), conservation programs (primarily Conservation Reserve Program, but also the Agricultural Conservation Program), and disaster programs.

Recipient Category: All Recipients

Of the $108.9 billion in Federal farm subsidy payments made to more than 3 million recipients between 1985 and 1994, a total of $29.2 billion