Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns

The Pollution in Newborns

July 14, 2005

Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns: Test Results

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trans-Nonachlor was found in 8 of 10 umbilical cord blood samples from babies born in U.S. hospitals in 2004, at concentrations ranging from 309.8 to 1,145.1 pg/g (lipid weight, in whole blood). It was also found in 2 of 3 adult blood samples, at concentrations of 7,729.6 and 33,333.3 pg/g (lipid weight, in whole blood).

Organochlorine chemical, a class largely banned in the U.S. that builds up in the body over time, linked to cancer and reproductive harm.

About trans-Nonachlor
CAS RN39765-80-5
Chemical ClassOrganochlorine Pesticide (OC)
Trade and product namesBelt, Chlor Kil, Chlortox, Corodan, Corodane, Gold Crest C-100, Intox, Kilex, Kilex Lindane, Kypchlor, Niran, Octachlor, Sydane, Synklor, Termex, Termi-Ded, Terminator, Topiclor 20, Toxichlor, Velsicol 1068
Chemical functionsinsecticide, termiticide
Usesbioaccumulating component of the pesticide chlordane
ManufacturersAgrevo E (former mfg), Agsin Ptd. Ltd. (former mfg), Chevron Chemical (former mfg), Monsanto (former mfg), Paushak (former mfg), PPG Ind. (former mfg), Rigo Co. (former mfg), Savitri Pesticides & Agrochem Ltd. (former mfg), Velsicol Chemical (former mfg)

Suspected Health Concerns for trans-Nonachlor
Stomach Or Intestines, Hormone System

References for Health Effects