Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns

The Pollution in Newborns

July 14, 2005

Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns: Test Results

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Naphthalene was found in 5 of 10 umbilical cord blood samples from babies born in U.S. hospitals in 2004, at concentrations ranging from 85.9 to 198.5 ng/g (lipid weight, in whole blood). It was also found in 3 of 3 adult blood samples, at concentrations ranging from 17.8 to 39.5 ng/g (lipid weight, in whole blood).

About Naphthalene *
CAS RN91-20-3
Chemical ClassPolyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)
Trade and product namesKenplast® A-450, Shellsol® A150 Solvent, Shellsol® A200 Solvent
Chemical functionsImpurity, poison, Solvent
May be found in the following types of productsActivators, Adhesive and binding materials, Anti-corrosion materials, Anticorrosive paints, Base oils, Binding agents (see also Adhesives), Biocides - pesticides for non agricultural uses, Building and repairing of ships, Building and repairing of ships and boats, Building materials and additives, Catalysts, Cleaning and washing agents, Cleaning/washing agents, Construction materials, Construction materials (building materials), Corrosion inhibitors, Dyestuff, pigments, Emulsion-inhibiting agents, Emulsion-inhibiting agents - for inhibiting an emulsion. An emulsion is a mixture of two (or more) liquids. One is dispersed but not dissolved in the other, Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas, Feed additives, Fertilizers, Fillers, Filling agents, Fuel additives, Fuel additives - for adding to the fuel to improve yield, Fuels - for heating or as fuel for motorized vehicles including cars and boats, General construction of buildings and civil engineering works, General repair shops, Impregnation agents (see also Pesticides; Paints), Industry for coke, refined petroleum products and nuclear fuel, Industry for fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Industry for motor vehicles, Inhibitors (see also Process-regulating agents; Stabilizers), Laboratory chemicals, Lubricants, Maintenance and repair garages for motor vehicles, Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles, Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment, Manufacture of refined petroleum products, Motor oils, Other fuel additives, Other paints and varnishes, solvent-based, Other use, Paint industry, Paint, lacquers and varnishes, Painting, Pesticides, Private households with employed persons, Underseal materials, incl. cavity seals, Wholesale and retail trade
Usesalso, production of azo dyes, surfactants and dispersants, tanning agents, carbaryl (insecticide), alkylnaphthalene solvents (for carbonless copy paper), and use without processing as a fumigant (moth repellent), diluent, plasticizer, production of phthalic anhydride, carbaryl insecticide, beta-naphthol, tanning agents, moth repellent, and surfactants-naphthalene: main use: production of phthalic anhydride (intermediate for polyvinyl chloride plasticizers), solvent
ManufacturersKenrick Petrochems., Koppers Ind., Shell International Chemical

* Information may include trade names, manufacturers, and products for other chemicals in the Polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) class.

Priority Health Concerns for Naphthalene
Health Concern or Target OrganWeight of Evidence
CancerKnown Effects
Reproductive SystemProbable Effects

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Suspected Health Concerns for Naphthalene
Birth Defects / Developmental Delays, Cardiovascular System Or Blood, Stomach Or Intestines, Brain, Nervous System, Skin

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