Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns

The Pollution in Newborns

July 14, 2005

Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns: Test Results

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Acenaphthylene was found in 1 of 10 umbilical cord blood samples from babies born in U.S. hospitals in 2004, at a concentration of 5.0 ng/g (lipid weight, in whole blood).

About Acenaphthylene *
CAS RN208-96-8
Chemical ClassPolyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH)
UsesIntermediate for dyes, soaps, pigments, pharmaceuticals, insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and plant growth hormones. used to manufacture plastics., intermediate for naphthalic acids, naphthalic anhydride (intermediate for pigments) and for acenaphthylene (intermediate for resins)

* Information may include trade names, manufacturers, and products for other chemicals in the Polyaromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) class.

Priority Health Concerns for Acenaphthylene
Health Concern or Target OrganWeight of Evidence
Reproductive SystemProbable Effects

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Suspected Health Concerns for Acenaphthylene
No information on health effects associated with this chemical is available in seven standard toxicity references.

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