Background Information on Cyanazine

On the Announcement of the Phase-out of the Herbicide Cyanazine

August 2, 1995

Background Information on Cyanazine: Statement of Richard Wiles Vice President for Research


We applaud the decision of Dupont Agrichemical Products today to phase out the use of cyanazine over the next four years. This is a responsible action on the part of the company. We believe that the decision reflects a recognition of the hazards faced by individuals applying cyanazine, and those drinking it in their tap water every spring and summer. These problems were documented in our report, Tap Water Blues, released in October, 1994.

Cyanazine is a cancer causing compound that also causes genetic mutations and birth defects in repeated animal studies. We are concerned that in spite of the decision announced today, millions of people will continue to drink cyanazine for the next four years, even though effective, affordable alternative herbicides are readily available to farmers, and many of them are made by Dupont.

Over the next several weeks the Environmental Working Group will share with Dupont and the public the results of tap water testing we have conducted over the past several months. We hope that this evidence of the extent and severity of cyanazine contamination will persuade Dupont to accelerate the phase-out of this highly hazardous product.