Welcome Aboard Coach Class, Scott Pruitt. Here’s Your EWG-Approved Travel Kit

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For Immediate Release: 
Thursday, March 1, 2018

WASHINGTON -  If you’re used to first class or a private jet, flying coach can take some getting used to. After taking weeks of heat for his lavish spending of taxpayer dollars on premium travel, Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt pledged to CBS News that his “very next flight” will be in coach.

We feel your pain, Administrator.

To make the transition to sitting with average Americans as smooth as possible, Environmental Working Group is sending Pruitt a travel kit to help him endure those exhausting flights from Washington to New York.

Since it’s from us, it includes a 100 percent organic neck pillow and eye mask, eco-friendly earbuds and other small comforts. Like all products we evaluate in our databases and consumer guides, they’ve been reviewed by our experts. We’ll pack them up, throw in some in EWG VERIFIED™ travel-sized personal care products, and send it over to EPA headquarters.

 “The rough and tumble of coach is not for the faint of heart, much less someone who’s been zipping around the globe in first class or private planes courtesy of taxpayers,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “The noise can be deafening, the seats are smaller and the food and drinks aren’t free. We hope this travel kit can make the move a little more comfortable. Godspeed, Administrator.”