Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts Disastrous for Public Health, Clean Energy Investments

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Monday, February 10, 2020

WASHINGTON – President Trump’s 2021 budget proposal, released today, seeks deep cuts in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy and other agencies, and shows the administration’s continuing indifference to growing environmental and public health threats, said EWG.

The president is proposing a cut of nearly 27 percent to EPA’s budget, with huge reductions to the Superfund cleanup program, even in light of a large and growing backlog of toxic waste sites, and cuts to vital water quality initiatives around the country.

The proposal seeks an 8 percent cut to the budget for the Department of Energy, including significant hits to programs focused on research and investments in renewable energy, while increasing support for the coal industry and identifying new markets and uses for carbon-emitting fossil fuel, as well as new investments in nuclear energy.

 “This budget perfectly reflects President Trump’s views on protecting public health and preventing pollution: He’s against both,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “Now that he’s been in office three years, no one should expect anything less from a president who has not and will not lift a finger to address the climate crisis or safeguard our drinking water, air and the public from polluters. That would be off-brand."

“Just as we saw with the president’s ridiculous and reckless budget proposals from previous years, it will fall to Congress again to restore vital resources for these and other agencies that are critical to both public health and advancing the clean energy revolution,” said Cook.


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