Author and Advocate Meg Hirshberg Joins EWG’s Board of Directors

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WASHINGTON – Meg Cadoux Hirshberg, a nationally recognized health and wellness advocate and author, has joined the board of directors at EWG, further raising the group’s profile as the nation’s leading environmental health research and advocacy organization.

“Meg brings to the board a wealth of experience and knowledge, and a longstanding commitment to the environment and human health,” said Ken Cook, EWG’s co-founder, president and board chair. “Now more than ever, we need her leadership to help EWG tackle new challenges and identify new opportunities. My board colleagues and I are thrilled Meg has agreed to serve, and look forward to her unique contributions as we move forward.”

“The threat of cancer-causing chemicals in the food we eat and in household products should concern every American,” said Hirshberg. “As a cancer survivor and co-founder of the Anticancer Lifestyle Program, I have followed the work of EWG for years. I greatly appreciate its tireless advocacy to reduce the environmental threats from industrial and agricultural pollution. I’m thrilled to join the board and work alongside my new colleagues to make sure EWG is strategically positioned to keep fighting on behalf of consumers, human health and the environment.”

The Anticancer Lifestyle Program is an evidence-based lifestyle transformation program for cancer survivors. The program provides participants with the tools and information they need to make and sustain changes in the areas of diet, fitness, stress management and reducing exposures to toxic chemicals. The program is offered at a number of hospitals, wellness centers and workplaces throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Hirshberg spent 15 years as an author and freelance nonfiction writer, including six years as a columnist and contributing editor for Inc. magazine, writing a regular column called “Balancing Acts,” which explored work-life balance, and the intersection of family and business in an entrepreneurial setting. Meg is married to Gary Hirshberg, the co-founder of the organic yogurt company, Stonyfield Farm. They have three adult children and split their time between New Hampshire and Northern California.

“Meg has been a close friend for many years and provided invaluable counsel that has helped shape the advice millions of consumers have come to rely on from EWG,” said Cook.

Meg is joining current members Laura Turner Seydel, Dr. Harvey Karp and Nina Montee Karp, David Baker, Robert Fetherstonhaugh, Christine Gardner, Melissa Hughes, Mark Hyman, MD, C.J. Kettler, Elise Museles, Randy Paynter, Drummond Pike, William Ross, Kim Rozenfeld, Serena Torrey Roosevelt and Ken Cook.