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Think We Need GMOs to Feed the World? Think Again.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The biotech industry likes to tout the myth that GMOs feed the world, when in reality, the alternative traditional crop breeding, would keep land fertile and the people fed across the globe.

EWG’s Emily Cassidy:

“GMOs aren’t keeping pace with traditional crop breeding in Africa, either. The weekly scientific journal Nature highlighted efforts by the Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa project to improve crop production in dry regions where drought can slash yields by up to 25 percent. Since 2006, the project has developed 153 new crop varieties using traditional breeding techniques—and found these new strains produced up to 30 percent better yields than genetically engineered varieties, even in nutrient-poor soils.”

Read more about the GMOs feed the world myth here.

And read Emily’s full report Feeding the World Without GMOs here.

Table Scraps

Food Policy Action’s Tom Colicchio discusses why factory farming should be a thing of the past.

EWG finds the hormone disrupting preservative, propyl paraben in over 50 common foods in the market place.

Tweet of the Day

Robyn O'Brien @foodawakenings

US Food Companies Have Removed Food Dyes in the UK—Why Not Here? … #dumpthejunk

Herd Around the Hill

A bi-partisan push is underway to give the “Notorious RBG” her very own Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Ruth Bader Ginger. Sign the petition here.


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