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EPA Approves Herbicide Use in Spite of Cancer Risk

Monday, April 6, 2015

Concerns are mounting over the EPA’s decision to move forward in their approval of herbicide, Enlist Duo, which contains glyphosate, a chemical recently found to “probably” cause cancer.

EWG’s Scott Faber:

“This poorly conceived decision by EPA will likely put a significant number of farmers, farm workers and rural residents at greater risk of being diagnosed with cancer. The agency simply ignored a game-changing new finding from the world leading cancer experts, and has instead decided the interests of biotech giants like Dow and Monsanto come first.”

Read EWG’s full press release about the EPA’s decision here.

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Food Policy Action @FPAction

@EWGPrez says we deserve to know if our food dollars “are driving up the use of a probable carcinogen."  #votefood

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