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The DARK Act Fails Consumers on Many Fronts

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Yesterday, Congressman Mike Pompeo reintroduced the DARK Act, which would dismantle state and federal ability to allow labeling of GMO foods. If passed, this legislation would fail consumers in various ways.

EWG’s Libby Foley:

“Simply put, the DARK Act fails to provide consumers with the information they want, and perpetuates consumer confusion on exactly what food products do and do not contain GMO ingredients.”

Read Libby’s 5 reasons why you should oppose the DARK Act here.

Table Scraps

The New York Times’ Mark Bittman discusses how the FDA fails consumers when quickly approving bioengineered foods.

EWG dives into iffy claims that GMO crops tend to have larger yields than their non-GMO counterparts.

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Herd Around the Hill

We are in the throws of Cherry Blossom Fest! Check out this cherry-centric food and drink specials that are featured across the district!


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