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‘Cupcake King’ Could Head Agriculture Department

Friday, November 18, 2016

When Sid Miller took office as Texas’ Agriculture Commissioner last year, his first action was to “grant amnesty” to cupcakes and other sweets sold in his state’s schools.

Now, Miller is a leading contender to be the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, where he would have the power to decide whether foods loaded with salt, sugar and fat can be served to all of America’s schoolchildren.

Miller has also brought deep fryers and full-calorie soda back to Texas schools, where students have one of highest rates of obesity in the nation.

Of course, Miller isn’t just in favor of fattening foods in school lunches. He’s also in favor of fattening his own wallet at taxpayers’ expense.

Miller has collected at least $120,000 in sorghum, oat, wheat and livestock subsidies since 1995.

Miller is not alone.

Since 1995, members of President-elect Donald Trump’s Agriculture Advisory Committee have collected more than $30 million in farm subsidies – that we know about.

Crop insurance subsidies – which make up two-thirds of all farm subsidies – are hidden from taxpayers. We know Miller has received crop insurance subsidies (he boasted about it) but we don’t know their extent.

Thanks to bipartisan efforts to drive junk food out of our schools, students have never had healthier options. The last thing America needs now is a “cupcake king” as our Secretary of Agriculture.


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