Help Stop the Spread of PFAS Contamination

You can help stop the spread of PFAS contamination by letting companies and local and federal officials know you want action now. Below we have suggested ways you can take action right now.


In response to the failure to act by the EPA, the FDA and the Pentagon, Congress has stepped up. In June and July 2019, the House and Senate passed versions of an annual defense spending bill, including provisions to limit PFAS discharges into drinking water supplies and to quickly end the military’s use of PFAS in food packaging and firefighting foam. Both bills would expand PFAS monitoring: The Senate bill would expand reporting of PFAS discharges, and the House bill would require polluters and the DOD to clean up legacy PFAS pollution. The final bill is under negotiation, but President Trump has threatened to veto it.

Food and Drug Administration

PFAS-coated food wrappers, like the ones used in fast food restaurants, are the route through which many Americans are exposed to PFAS chemicals. The FDA could take action by banning these toxic chemicals from use in food wrappers.

State and Local Governments

States are responding to the growing PFAS contamination crisis. Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states have proposed or enacted limits for PFAS in drinking water that are significantly lower than the EPA’s advisory level. Washington and Maine have banned PFAS in food packaging, and at least five states have restricted the use of PFAS-based firefighting foam.

You can learn more about what is being done in your state by visiting Safer States, a network of environmental health coalitions and organizations in states around the country.

Donate and Support EWG’s Work on PFAS

EWG is focused on making sure you know the facts about your PFAS exposure and working to stop the spread of these toxic chemicals in our environment. You can help EWG continue our efforts by making a donation right now. Your contribution will go directly toward our work on PFAS.

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