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The Most Fiscally Irresponsible Farm Legislation in History

Thursday, July 11, 2013

House Republicans voted today for a ‘farm only’ farm bill that expands crop insurance subsidies for the most successful farm businesses and fails to renew programs that help feed the nation’s hungriest children.

Scott Faber, EWG’s Senior Vice President for Government Affairs, added:

“The ‘farm only’ farm bill passed today by House Republicans – over the objections of everyone from the American Farm Bureau to the Heritage Foundation – is, simply put, the most fiscally irresponsible piece of farm legislation in history. This bill not only increases unlimited insurance subsidies, but also increases price guarantees for major crops and creates new subsidy programs for farm businesses. This bill locks in these new income subsidies for eternity under the guise of ‘reform.’

“No one who voted for this terrible farm bill can reasonably claim to be fiscally conservative. At a time of record farm profits and record fiscal deficits, lawmakers should reject – not expand – the sort of needless corporate welfare that causes Americans to lose faith in Congress.”

Table Scraps:

The New York Times on how the farm bill was battled out on the House floor today.

The Des Moines Register writes on the problem heavy rains and agriculture runoff are causing for Iowa’s water supply- citing EWG’s new report, Washout.

Tweet of the Day:

@repblumenauer House passes shameful Farm Bill boondoggle. GOOD FOR: GOP leadership BAD FOR: taxpayers, environment, the poor & anyone who eats food.

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