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Regulations Are In Farmers’ Own Best Interests

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

new editorial from the Des Moines Register throws its support behind a farm bill proposal that would require farmers to comply with basic conservation rules in exchange for taxpayer dollars.

The Register’s editorial states:

Farmers who already practice good conservation have nothing to fear. Those who aren’t should not expect taxpayers to subsidize degradation of the soil and water…

…Farmers are by nature averse to government regulators telling them what to do. Fair enough, but if they are sincere in wanting to do what’s best — as they insist they are — they should take the lead and become advocates of change. In the case of the dead zone in the Gulf, they should be taking the lead in pushing for doing what it takes to reduce the flow of chemicals that run off their fields, into the rivers and lakes of Iowa and eventually into the Gulf.

Filmmaker Ken Burns shows us in his new PBS documentary film Dust Bowl that if we ignore conservation practices today the ecological disasters of the past that plagued American farmland will come back to haunt us. Go to Ag Mag for EWG’s full review of the film.

Table Scraps:

Grist writer Tom Laskawy wonders whether President Obama’s second term will bring food system wins – or more of the same. And food and agriculture blogger Tom Philpott identifies five potential wins in his latest piece in Mother Jones.

Food Safety News reports on new whistleblower protections that could improve food safety oversight.

Politico’s David Rogers has more on how a fight over the senior Republican slot on the Senate Agriculture Committee could impact the fate of the farm bill.

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@ColbertReport Jon Stewart keeps kosher, and @KenBurns details his documentary, "The Dust Bowl."

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