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Congress Must Pass Fiscally Responsible Farm Bill Extension

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today’s Des Moines Register op-ed by Environmental Working Group and Taxpayers for Common Sense explains why spending what little legislative time remains on a nearly trillion-dollar, multi-year bill that would boost taxpayer subsidies for agriculture — a sector that booked record profits of $122 billion this year — would be irresponsible.

Congress should instead pass a responsible farm bill extension that is paid for with modest cuts to farm subsidies and reflects the nation’s spending priorities, supports family farmers, and protects the environment. Lawmakers must fully fund critical conservation programs--including those that protect and restore wetlands and grasslands, set reasonable limits on runaway crop insurance subsidies, and end the $10 billion practice of paying private insurers to sell their policies.

EWG’s Scott Faber has more details on what a responsible extension should look like in his latest Ag Mag post.

Table Scraps:

More than a dozen conservative and taxpayer groups sent an open letter to the House urging lawmakers to oppose a 5-year farm bill in the lame duck.

Want to know just how well the nation’s farm businesses are doing? Check out today’s Ag Mag post by EWG's Andrew Hug on millionaire farmers.

Amy Westervelt explains in a Forbes article that the pro-labeling groups behind California’s Prop 37 initiative are keeping a close eye on the farm bill since at least one version would strip federal agencies of their authority to regulate GE crops.

School food advocate Dana Woldow has more on how the nutrition cuts in the Senate-passed and House Agriculture Committee farm bills will impact the school lunch program.

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