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Something In The Air

Thursday, June 22, 2006

As Reported in the L.A. Times, a recent study of teeneagers in Los Angeles and New York found that contaminants in indoor air made up 40-50% of participants' cancer risk. The two main culprits cited were Formaldehyde, from shelving, cabinets, and pressed-wood furnishings, and dichlorobenzene used in solid toilet deodorizers and mothballs.

And while on the topic of indoor air, check out this San Francisco Chronicle piece about "that new car smell." Marian Keeler reports that the smell we so fondly associate with new cars is indicative of the slurry of toxic chemicals airborne inside them. It's no surprise that, among other things, new cars are creeping with fire retardants and plasticizers.

Aparrently even our computers have a suspiciously alluring smell when new.

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