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Happy Interdependence Day

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

As many of us celebrated the 50th birthday of our nation's highway system and the 230th birthday of America with a roadtrip, it's a good time to ask how we plan to get around for the next fifty years. Even greenies like me are not going to stop driving, so as a nation we'd better figure out how to stabilize gas prices.

For my $3.12, Sebastian Mallaby hits the nail on the head, saying we should just admit that no nation is an island when it comes to energy security. Rather, the more nations diversify their supply sources of energy (ie buy less oil from more places), the less vulnerable everyone will be to individual catastrophes or political conflict.

For example, check out how much money drivers from 50 metro areas send to Middle East oil producers each year. It's here:

Clearly, we have to give in to that other great American pastime -- shopping, for oil. Just remember what your grandmother said when she gave you birthday money: don't spend it all in one place.

And PS: For those that want to drill in our own backyard, consider that all of our hard work over the past 15 years has given the US, um, 53 days' worth of oil:

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