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UPDATE to Cook v. Combest

Monday, July 10, 2006

Purdue University has offered to host one of a series of debates on farm subsidies and the next farm bill that EWG president Ken Cook has proposed to former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Larry Combest. Professor Otto Doering, an internationally respected agricultural economist, policy expert and educator has agreed to serve as moderator.

Combest has yet to formally reply to the invitation, and so it remains to be seen if he has the gusto to stand up to Mr. Cook, whom he had previously referred to as one of "the medley of malefactors who are teamed up to bring farm policy down in this country," united by "inverted pentagrams" and "voodoo," and who "need to understand that the real environment—as opposed to the one they are trying to conjure up—is not on their side." Certainly very bold accusations from a man who's been so silent since being invited to defend his farm bill in a public forum with Ken Cook.

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