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"We Need to Talk About Farm Policy" -- A Must Read.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The following editorial, written by Thomas Rowley of Rural Policy Research Institute, explains---in terms we can all understand--the ways we are linked to farm policy, and how the idea that farm subsidies "help farmers" is misleading.

And finally, at long last--a farm policy piece that will not sail over the heads of all but the most studied wonks!

July 10, 2006 We Need to Talk.About Farm Policy By Thomas D. Rowley

I confess that I shudder at the phrase: We need to talk. Immediately my mind begins to race and pulse quicken. Sweat forms on my brow as my gut tightens. What did I do? What does she think I did? How long is this "talk" going to take? You guys know the feeling. The only thing worse is to hear, "We need to talk later," because, of course, we will then spend every second between now and "later" inventorying our infractions and preparing a confession that includes far more than we're being accused of.