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Nanohazard symbol competition

Monday, January 29, 2007


From The Washington Post :

While many scientists believe that most nanomaterials will ultimately prove to be benign, ETC Group -- which has called for a moratorium on the marketing of nanoproducts until more safety studies are done -- believes in erring on the side of caution. That led to the realization that there is not yet a widely recognized way to warn people of the little risks around them. Other toxic hazards have signs and symbols that everyone has come to know (think: The Nuclear Hazard sign, the Biohazard sign, the generalized Toxic Hazard sign with its skull and crossbones). But how to symbolize, in a way that everyone can understand, the potentially dangerous presence of something inconceivably small? "We decided to launch a competition, to get a good design and to raise public awareness," said Hope Shand, ETC's research director. "We thought we might receive a dozen entries or something."

Thanks to Matthew at Framing Science for passing this along.

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