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CFL's give better light than incandescents

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Popular Mechanics tested seven different CFLs for brightness, color, and other characteristics and all seven stomped out the incandescent 'control' bulb. They only used one incandescent as a control which seems a bit unfair to the little energy drainers. But if, like me, you've decided CFLs are the way to go, then Popular Mechanics' results are a helpful buyer's guide to picking the right CFL for you. As it turns out, the N:Vision Soft Whites I've been using earned the highest 'overall' score. I'm very picky about light and have been pleased with the N:Vision bulbs despite my initial skepticism. If you prefer very warm light I recommend bouncing your CFLs off a warmer colored wall (I use my straw blinds), or experimenting with different lamp shades and fixtures. Download the CFL test results in PDF format before heading to the store.

via Siel at green LA girl

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