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Nothing to hide?

Monday, May 14, 2007

Joanna Gardiner, managing director of Irish cosmetics manufacturer Ovelle Pharmaceuticals posed nude in an internet campaign to promote its chemical-free products. She appears with other nude female and male models to promote that the brand has nothing to hide. "The idea behind the film is that many skincare products are filled with harsh chemicals and irritants which promote conditions such as eczema, whereas ours are natural and organic," said Ms Gardiner to Daily Mail. "I thought having everyone naked would get the message across that we have nothing to hide. I realized that by appearing myself, it would demonstrate my commitment to the product and show I really do care about the issue.

The company has seen a 500 percent rise in sales, since the campaign was launched on May 5.

Do we want to see US companies' CEOs naked? Well, not really. But the idea that companies here have no toxic chemicals to hide in cosmetics sure sounds appealing to both advocates for safe cosmetics and consumers.

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