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Before you send your children out to play in the yard...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

It was recently revealed in a new study that among some of the other “ingredients” that can be found in fertilizers Americans use on their lawns and gardens are steroids, drugs and fragrances. How does this happen you may ask? The “biosolid” fertilizers are partially made from the sludge left over after sewage is treated, which, as one can imagine, would make for quite the concoction.

Of course, wastewater-treatment officials (oh, these are the guys who produce the sewage byproducts) claim there is no cause for concern – all is well. And, how do they arrive at this rosy conclusion? They say the levels of these drugs, steroids and fragrances are at such low levels it won’t pose any health risks to you and your toddlers as they roll around in the back yard, or play in the sprinkler during a hot summer day.

I for one would love to believe that, but maybe a little more information from scientists and public health officials with no ties to the fertilizer industry is required so consumers know exactly what they are spreading on their lawns.

You can find more information about sludge fertilizers and how they may be affecting you at the Center for Food Safety.

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